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Movie Review - The Fate of the Furious (you should know what to expect by now)

Synopsis (From IMDB): Now that the crew has been exonerated and Dom and Letty are finally on their honeymoon, things seem to be going well for the team. Until Dom is forced to betray his family after being coerced into doing jobs for the mysterious Cypher. Now the team must crisscross the globe to stop Cypher and bring back the man who made them a family.

So this makes eight. At this point, you should know what to expect when going into a Fast movie. For fans of the franchise, it's all there for you to enjoy. There are fast cars, beautiful women, ridiculous stunts, and the action movie one-liners. If you have watched any of the trailers for this movie you know that the driving conflict in this movie is what could make Dom betray his team/family. For the most part, I would say that it works on a level of showing what would you do if you were in Dom's position. I like that about the movie. You already know the characters as most of them were in Fast 7 and those relationships are…

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