Rayman Legends First Impressions

Rayman Legends - WiiU

First Impressions

Man, where to begin, where to begin.  It may be hard to believe but after playing through the first level and a half of Rayman Legends I have to give the team at Ubisoft credit.  They made a platformer that is better than Mario in my opinion.  From the very beginning you can tell that a lot of heart went into creating this game.  The environments are vibrant, the pace is excellent, and the tone is hilarious.  Each level inside of the world is packed with a lot of content.  I played the WiiU version and you know what that means...Gamepad integration and play.  You know something I enjoyed it, I think that the Gamepad is used in cool ways and I like how it adds a new layer to the gameplay.  There are different control options which I will try later when I do the full review but for now the Gamepad is where it's at for me.  I have not seen any glitches, freezes, or gameplay dips at all during my time playing.  Before I forget the soundtrack to this game is amazing and it is on iTunes if you want to get it, it's 9.99.  Well that's all for now I hope to get through this game and do my review this weekend. Hopefully nothing comes up that will keep me from doing just that.  Thanks for reading. Until next time.