Warner Bros, DC, and Justice League

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First up this topic goes out to my fellow comic book fans and not just because it is Wednesday.  Let's talk Warner Bros, DC, and the Justice League.  Now it is no secret that after Marvel's The Avengers cleaned up at the box office last year that their competition in the world of major comics said he we can do that too.  In truth they can but where I disagree with them is the timing apparently Warner Bros wants to fast track this movie, at least that is what early reports stated.  The more I thought about this though the more I said to myself, this could work but they can't try and do what Marvel did.  Everyone should know this by now but Marvel had a 5 movie build up to Avengers.  This effectively took care of the character development that would have caused the movie to have major issues had they just tried to do a standalone film.  Warner Bros. this is where you can do something a little different, because let's be honest you don't want to copy Marvel then everybody will say you are just ripping them off.  If I were you I would go on and do the Justice League movie.  Since audiences already know Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman (well they will know him come June 14th) you can start with that.  Make it where Batman knows about the three of them.  Oh yeah please be advised that this will be the skeleton version as I am not a paid Hollywood writer.  You would also need a big bad from their rogues gallery to have them come together in the first place.  My thoughts would be either Darkseid or Brainaic, the reason being the bad guy has to be someone powerful enough to where there is a real threat.  Personally, for the rest of the cast I would go Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash.  I would save Cyborg for the inevitable part 2 as this would save money in the CG department.  As a matter of fact the first six issues of the New 52 version of Justice League would be the best way to do it.  Then you can spin the individual movies of the characters in between so as to flesh them out more.

Well that's just my two cents either way it goes I look forward to it.  Because let's be honest at this point it is a forgone conclusion that there is going to be a Justice League  movie.  Now we just want it to be good.  Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest Gina Carano for Wonder Woman.  I'm just saying, I mean she already got the look and she can fight, that's a win-win in my book if there ever was one.  Well that's enough out of me, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and have a nice evening.

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