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Anime, Cartoons, And Video Games -- An awesome combo

So it's no big secret that I am a fan of anime and cartoons.  What can I say I was born in the 80's where the cartoons were amazing.  I am also a gamer, I own multiple consoles and I play them all frequently. I was playing my 3DS yesterday and I noticed on Nintendo Video that one of the anime shorts for Kid Icarus Uprising was back up.  This got me to thinking, why doesn't Nintendo just let an anime studio do a nice 26 or 52 episode anime of a couple of their franchises.  Hell why not do a movie.  When I think about it they have at least two series that are loved the world over and can really make some noise if done properly. My first pick would be Metroid.  I love sci-fi action and the story of Metroid is actually pretty good.  If I had my choice of who I could have to make it, it would have to be Shinji Aramaki.  What he and his team was able to do with the Appleseed movies is nothing short of amazing.  Blending the cel-shade style and CG would make for an awesome visual…

Just got back from Man of Steel a.k.a Zod of War a.k.a Man of Steel Ball Z

Just got back from the theater and I have to say not a bad movie.  Action was consistent all the way i.e. I never got bored.  I thought that the filmmakers did a great job handling the origin and making it new.  I do have a couple of grievances with the movie and it comes from the fact that I am a comic book fan.  I also think that they did something awesome with Lois that I am freaking glad they did.

First this movie is a lot like Batman Begins. I mean honestly what do you expect its the same writer and the producer is the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy.  So expect flashbacks to be entwined with the present.  That being said DC and Warner Bros., can you do a brotha a favor stop making every movie or TV show (I'm pointing at you Arrow) so damn serious.  It is okay to have a little bit of comedy it really is, no one will get mad at you for it.  With Batman I completely understand because that is part of the Batman character the whole no nonsense, paranoid, hero.  Everybody els…

e3 2013 - Nintendo Conference First Thoughts

So Nintendo's e3 conference is today and I have finally watched the initial Nintendo Direct and I have to say it wasn't that bad.  While I do have some reservations about the video I thought that it was okay.  So let me get this out of the way right now.  I, meaning me, was hoping for a new Metroid or Star Fox game and that wasn't what they brought.  I think they played it safe which isn't bad but they still have work to do to convince people that the console is worth picking up.  Now Microsoft has helped them out a lot by the choices that they have made but they still need to do some work and they need to put some of those third party developers that's been talking trash in their place.  Now some of the games that they showed we knew about and I have to say that my favorite was Smash Bros.  I put the video up in the videos categories and they have two characters that I am looking forward to.  One is Mega Man and the other is the Wii Fit Trainer, once again I have …

and next week is e3!!!!

Well its time again for one of my favorite times of the year. E3 is here and I am looking forward to what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo as well as the PC gaming developers have in store for everybody this year.  I try to be optimistic because I want the game industry to do well but after the Xbox One reveal and doing my initial research on it, I don't think I will be getting that one.  Sony hasn't really revealed anything so I am looking forward to their conference, if for no other reason just to see what they have.  Nintendo I know a lot of people don't like what they are doing but I think its genius.  I mean they don't have a new console so they are focusing on the games plus they are saving money by not having a big conference but a lot of little conferences that focuses on their upcoming titles.  Well I know I will be looking at it or at least catching the direct feeds that will more than likely be on YouTube.

Take care and enjoy your evening.

Manga and Comic Team Ups or Dream Match Ups, You Pick

So I was just sitting here thinking about team ups.  I am a huge comic and anime fan among other things.  One of my favorite mangas is Dragonball Z, I also liked the anime as well even with its faults in my opinion it is one of the best. That's just my opinion though. I recently started to wonder what a team up it would be to have Goku and Superman team up.  Both characters have a lot of similarities and I have always thought that it would be cool to see them team up.  I know this is next to impossible.  I mean it would take a colossal effort and cooperation on DC and Shonen Jumps' part to actually make it happen, but hey a guy can dream right.  Another cool team up I wouldn't mind seeing is Kenpachi from Bleach and Wolverine from the X-Men.  I don't know why exactly I want to see this one, I just think it would be cool.  Especially since both Kenpachi and Wolvy love a good scrap, of course they would probably end up fighting each other before it was all said and done.…