Anime, Cartoons, And Video Games -- An awesome combo

So it's no big secret that I am a fan of anime and cartoons.  What can I say I was born in the 80's where the cartoons were amazing.  I am also a gamer, I own multiple consoles and I play them all frequently. I was playing my 3DS yesterday and I noticed on Nintendo Video that one of the anime shorts for Kid Icarus Uprising was back up.  This got me to thinking, why doesn't Nintendo just let an anime studio do a nice 26 or 52 episode anime of a couple of their franchises.  Hell why not do a movie.  When I think about it they have at least two series that are loved the world over and can really make some noise if done properly. My first pick would be Metroid.  I love sci-fi action and the story of Metroid is actually pretty good.  If I had my choice of who I could have to make it, it would have to be Shinji Aramaki.  What he and his team was able to do with the Appleseed movies is nothing short of amazing.  Blending the cel-shade style and CG would make for an awesome visual.  There are years worth of material that would make a great story as well.  My second pick would The Legend of Zelda.  I mean this one is a no-brainer.  My choice would be to let Studio 4 degrees handle it, as for a story why not start off with the Ocarina of Time.  I mean the manga for it was pretty damn good and can be easily translated into a 26 episode series.  The first 13 episodes taking up the young Link story and the last 13 episodes taking up the adult Link story.  I would also love to see what this studio could do with Kid Icarus.  Their short was my favorite out of the three companies that did them.  Another series I would love to see done would be the Kingdom Hearts series, although I think this one would be harder to pull off because of character licensing.  I can see that one being done in CG format like Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.  Especially since Square Enix loves doing CG cutscenes, I figure might as well let them do a whole movie.  I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that I would love to see animated.  While I do love live action movies, I just think when it comes to video game adaptations unless they take place in the real world they should be either CG or traditionally animated.  I mean I would hate to see Vin Diesel as Kratos in God of War, it would take me out of the film because he doesn't do the voice of the character so it would be a fail in my book.  I got nothing against Vin Diesel, just using him as an example.  Take care.

Dictated not read, The Management

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