e3 2013 - Nintendo Conference First Thoughts

So Nintendo's e3 conference is today and I have finally watched the initial Nintendo Direct and I have to say it wasn't that bad.  While I do have some reservations about the video I thought that it was okay.  So let me get this out of the way right now.  I, meaning me, was hoping for a new Metroid or Star Fox game and that wasn't what they brought.  I think they played it safe which isn't bad but they still have work to do to convince people that the console is worth picking up.  Now Microsoft has helped them out a lot by the choices that they have made but they still need to do some work and they need to put some of those third party developers that's been talking trash in their place.  Now some of the games that they showed we knew about and I have to say that my favorite was Smash Bros.  I put the video up in the videos categories and they have two characters that I am looking forward to.  One is Mega Man and the other is the Wii Fit Trainer, once again I have to hand it to Nintendo this looks fun and I can't wait to hear more about it.  Another game that I am really looking forward to is Baynetta 2, I played the first one and I thought that it was fun and I am really looking forward to that one.  The last one that I enjoyed a lot was X by Monolith Soft.  Man that game is straight up beautiful and as soon as it is available for pre-order I am pre-ordering it.  The other games they show I thought they were pretty good but those three are on my 'Gonna Get' list.  I am still looking forward to the rest of what they are doing and will be watching the rest of the show. Below is a link to the Nintendo Direct if you wish to view it.

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