Just got back from Man of Steel a.k.a Zod of War a.k.a Man of Steel Ball Z

Just got back from the theater and I have to say not a bad movie.  Action was consistent all the way i.e. I never got bored.  I thought that the filmmakers did a great job handling the origin and making it new.  I do have a couple of grievances with the movie and it comes from the fact that I am a comic book fan.  I also think that they did something awesome with Lois that I am freaking glad they did.

First this movie is a lot like Batman Begins. I mean honestly what do you expect its the same writer and the producer is the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy.  So expect flashbacks to be entwined with the present.  That being said DC and Warner Bros., can you do a brotha a favor stop making every movie or TV show (I'm pointing at you Arrow) so damn serious.  It is okay to have a little bit of comedy it really is, no one will get mad at you for it.  With Batman I completely understand because that is part of the Batman character the whole no nonsense, paranoid, hero.  Everybody else in DC does not act like that so you do not have to make all of your characters act like that.  That was one of my grievances the other was the climatic battle in the third act.  The amount of destruction was ridiculous, I know you are trying to convey real danger but I think you went overboard with it.  My last grievance is with the last fight scene.  In all seriousness I have never known Superman to have a Dragonball Z type fight.  Its kind of like you ripped the Piccolo vs Android 17 fight from the Imperfect Cell Saga minus the ki blasts. I have to give you guys credit I love that you made Lois Lane a cool character.  I have always had a problem with the whole she is this great investigative reporter yet she couldn't figure out the Clark was Superman.  The filmmakers obviously felt the same way as the nixed that completely and I like that they did that.  All in all I thought it was a good movie I liked how the mixed the New 52 and Superman 1 and 2 together to make a good movie.  If they are going to go for a cinematic universe akin to Marvel they have some more work to do but this is a good starting point for them.

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