Dungeons and Dragons - Chronicles of Mystara

Chronicles of Mystara is a downloadable game that is available on PS3, XBox 360, Steam, and coming in August on WiiU.  It consists of the arcade versions of Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara both games released in the 90's.  Tower of Doom came out in 1993 with Shadow Over Mystara coming out in 1996.  This review covers Shadow Over Mystara.

Shadow Over Mystara

The Game

This game is a straight port of the arcade from the 90's.  It's an action beat'em up in the same vein as Streets of Rage.  In the game you have 6 character classes to choose from (the Dwarf, Fighter, Elf, Magic User, Cleric, and Thief).  Each class has their different strengths and weaknesses and it really depends on what you are comfortable with gameplay wise.  Me personally I love getting up close and personal so I tend to use the Fighter or the Dwarf.  As there particular stats make them better for being on the frontlines in the middle of the action.  The Elf and the Thief are your speedsters with the Cleric and Magic User your main spellcasters. This game was in arcades and as such is a little on the short side but it is perfect for when you want to play a quick game or when you have friends over.  The game supports both local and online multiplayer, which is all co-op of course.  The story has branching paths and the soundtrack is very good.  It has multiple difficulty levels for gamers of all levels.

For Parents

It's a downloadable game and rated T for fantasy elements.  If you allow your children to watch something like The Lord of the Rings, there shouldn't be any issue with them playing this game.

The Verdict

It's 14.99 on PSN, 1600 points on Xbox Live (I think).  The game is a Full Price for me as I am a fan of old school beat'em ups and Dungeons & Dragons.  Check out the 18 min video for some of my gameplay with the Fighter.

**Next week will be a review of Tower of Doom.  Check back then.**

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