Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara Part 2

Tower of Doom

The Game
This is game is actually the first game in Chronicles of Mystara pack that you get when you download the game.  It originally came out in 1993 in arcades.  There are 4 players to choose from in this game: Fighter, Dwarf, Cleric, and Elf. The Fighter and Dwarf are your powerhouses with the Cleric and Elf being good with magic.  The game is a little shorter than Shadow Over Mystara, one playthrough should take about 50 - 55 minutes. Which is pretty standard for a arcade beat'em up.  The game also has multiple paths that you can pick at different points in the game. The game is a little on the difficult side but is still fun especially if you are playing multiplayer.  Here in lies a little problem on the 360 (which is the version that I played) the multiplayer only works online or local co-op.  In other words you cannot mix the two which is a problem that is supposed to be patched soon.

I have linked a video that shows a boss battle for both games.  The first is with the Beholder on the Tower of Doom.  The second is with the Dark Warrior on Shadow Over Mystara.  Please check my earlier review for the verdict on this game.

Also the game is set to release on the WiiU, in the eShop in August.

Next week another oldie but goodie.  Guardian Heroes see ya next week.

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