For those of you who do not read comics but love to talk about movies based on comics

I just wanted to take a little time today to speak about something that I have found to be interesting/annoying.  There is no doubt that superhero movies are big business for Hollywood and many people have been drawn to the movies that have been created in the past few years.  I won't lie a lot of those movies have been very good and most have been respectful of the character and its comic book counterpart in recent years.  Which brings me to my annoyance, I understand that changes have to be made when adapting any fiction to the screen especially when it is live action.  However, that should not do anything to how the character is or how their specific power sets are.  For example, I keep hearing people say that Wolverine is immortal.  People Wolverine is not immortal, his healing factor does indeed retard the aging process on him just like Sabretooth, Captain America, and X-23 but that does not make him immortal. Wolverine can be killed.  Is it hard to kill him? Of course it is, but he is very much killable it's just going to take a considerable amount of effort to pull it off.  There are a lot of other examples but this is one that comes up a lot.  I will say this though, while I personally have a problem with it I can't get mad at someone who has never read a comic and just enjoys the movies because they are good movies (for the most part).  I encourage everyone that likes superhero movies to take the time to at least read a graphic novel or a synopsis on wikipedia.  I only say that because if you try to talk superhero logic with a comic geek we are going to embarrass you if you are going strictly off of movies and not off of the original source material.

Just saying.

Dictated not read, The Management

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