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Normally this blog will have either video walkthroughs or reviews of games that I am currently playing, but I wanted to take a little time today to talk about something that I find frustrating within the game industry.  Its the need for instant gratification and rampant negativity that I am seeing become the norm across gaming websites and publications.  First I just want to say that I am a gamer.  I have been gaming since 1990, I own 5 consoles and 2 handheld gaming consoles.  I am by no means biased but I do like to defend my hobby when it needs to be defended. Saying that I feel that it has become necessary to speak about this.

First, to me it doesn't matter what type of gamer you are.  There are many different types of genres and a lot of people like different gaming experiences.  Just because a game has an M rating does not make you any better than the person that bought something  else.  I am getting annoyed with people trying to act as if they are better gamers just because they play anything with an M on it. It doesn't make you better than anyone it just makes you a douche. Not every genre is for every gamer, that's why there are different genres of gaming.

That brings me to the big three gaming manufacturers at this point.  If you don't know who they are its Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.  I like all three of these companies.  They all have different strengths and bring something different to the industry.  They all have problems as well but as with any piece of technology you have to be patient because it is an INVESTMENT.  If you early adopt any piece of technology they are going to be ups and downs.  Software may need to get pushed back.  Updates may not come out on time or they may hose up your system.  In other words if you don't have any patience why are you early adopting anyway.  The rule of thumb is always to wait one year to let the bugs and glitches get worked out.  By that time a lot of the issues are taken care of and in the case of the gaming industry, developers have had enough time to work with the new system.  Also, games should be coming in a steady flow from month to month.  When a system first comes out though there will be droughts.  It happens to every console every generation and to every manufacturer.  That is why getting a console is an INVESTMENT.  Investments usually get better over time, but you first have to give it time.  Something that I think a lot of journalists and analysts have forgotten.

Which brings me to them, a lot of negativity has been thrown around in the gaming community.  Often done by gaming journalists and analysts who like to publish and hang on every negative article and action that happens.  Now I understand that this is what gets you hits on the internet, but if you are a game journalist you should not be biased or a fanboy.  You just should not be because it will compromise your thoughts and anything that a rival puts out you will automatically put down.  Also, how can someone hate something that they have never played? If you have never played a particular system or game how can you talk about it.  Yet I find this happening a lot and on some very respected sites as well.  You may ask yourself, "How do you know if something like that happens?" Well when they make statements about story elements that did not happen ingame or they talk about gameplay that was nonexistent or never happened at all.  I am not knocking individuals for bringing things to light, but if you are biased you are not doing any favors for the industry you work for or claim to love.

Lastly, I just want to say that if you like a particular company or genre or whatever. Play it, have fun, try different games out you may never know.  You may actually like something that you never would have tried otherwise.  If any journalists or analysts read this, stop with the hate and acting like your opinions are the only opinions that matter.  I promise you they are not.  I personally want all of the gaming companies to do well because I love gaming in all its forms and craziness.

Next post will be a review/walkthrough so I hope you stick around.

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