Geeks of the fairer sex and why my fellow male nerds/geeks need to stop trippin

I have  been becoming concerned as of late with harrowing tales within a part of society that I am proud to be a part of;  upon reading the title of today's entry it should be very clear as to what I wish to share my opinion about.  First of all let me just say this to all of the geek/nerd women out there.  I love you.  Really I do, you are awesome and I am glad that you exist.  I'm glad when I see you in the comic book store, I'm glad when I see you in GameStop, I'm glad when I play against you online (I'm talking videogames people), I'm glad when I see you cosplaying it up at different cons, and I'm glad when I see you in the sci-fi/fantasy aisle in Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble.

Now fellas lets be honest here, most of us are shy and introverted, some of us get nervous easily and hey there's nothing wrong with that. Its also understandable that most are not really used to women having an interest in anything that we do and likewise have anything in common with.  Saying that why then would you take an issue with a lady that has the same interests as you.  Why would you then feel the need to check her geek cred?  DON'T DO THAT!!!! Think about it you have someone that you can have a meaningful conversation with.  You have someone that has the same interests (for the most part) as you do.  Why would you want to screw that up?  Not to mention the fact that you making it hard for the rest of us. Honestly, do you want a repeat of middle and high school, I know I don't.  Yeah it pretty much sucked to be a geek/nerd in the 90's, trust me it wasn't pretty back then (at least where I lived).

All I'm saying is be accepting.  I mean you never know she may have a friend who got the hots for ya, but if ya go around acting like a colossal douche nobody's gonna want to be around ya.  And to the ladies that have taken the time to read this I just would like for you to know that not all of us are like that.  Truth is we just aren't used to the attention, so please be patient with us while we procure the right amount of courage to keep our collective feet out of our mouths.  We really are appreciative even if sometimes we express ourselves in a completely asinine way.

*Dictated not read. ~The Management*

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