The Wolverine a.K.a Fun things to do in Japan if you're Logan

*Disclaimer: Below is a short review of the 20th Century Fox movie entitled The Wolverine.  Their may be a spoiler or two in the following but I will try to keep from ruining the plot for you.  Now you have been warned. Please read at your own discretion.*

The Movie

The Likes
I have to say that I enjoyed this movie a lot.  It is loosely based on the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller story from the 80's.  In the story Wolverine goes to Japan and does what he does best. (I would go into it but that is a discussion for another day) The movie starts off in a Japanese POW camp right as the Atomic Bomb is being dropped on Nagasaki.  Logan saves the life of Yoshida and cue opening credits.  The movie actually deals with the fallout of Logan killing Jean Grey in X-Men 3 and Famke Jansen reprising her role as Jean from those movies.  This movie is way more character driven which isn't a bad thing.  The action is pretty good as well, with a couple of the fights and situations in the movie coming straight from the comic itself.  The acting in it is very well done especially the actress that played Mariko and the actress that played Yukio.  Both actresses did a great job and I feel they captured there comic book counterpart very well.

The Dislikes
Now for the things that I did not like.  I did not like the shaky cam during the first big fight sequence.  I hate in action movies when they do that as it makes it very hard to tell what's going on and who is doing what to whom.  Another thing that I didn't like, and this is just the comic book nerd in me, was what they did with the Silver Samurai.  It wouldn't have been as bad if they hadn't shown Harada in the movie (he is played by Will Yun Lee) but they did and to me that was a slap in the face.  The Silver Samurai is a good villain from Logan's rogue gallery and it would have been nice to see that on screen.  This brings me to Viper, yes she is in the movie but I really didn't like the actress they had playing her I kinda wish they would have gotten someone else.  She just really didn't have command of the screen when she was on it.  While I did like Shingen, played by Hiroyuki Sanada, I thought that he should have had more screen time and a stronger villain than he was.

The Verdict
All in all I thought they did a real good job with this movie it is definitely going in the blu-ray collection when it comes out.  It had its flaws but I still think that people should watch it in the theater.  I give it a solid MATINEE.

*Stay and watch the credits after the movie there is a scene that sets up X-Men: Days of Future Past.*

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