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TMNT - Out of the Shadows - First Impressions

*Disclaimer: This post will be a first impression/mini review of the game. Check the youtube video and let me know what you think.  Also this post is my opinion of the game and mine only I'm just a humble gamer that loves my hobby.*

TMNT: Out of the Shadows - First Impressions

First its important to say that this game is based off of the new cartoon that just wrapped up its first season on Nickelodeon. It is developed by Red Fly Studios and published by Activision.  Red Fly is a decent developer and while I am not the biggest fan of their work they are not  completely worthless.  I have a few issues with the game and a lot of them I think will probably be taken care of in patches.  Graphically, the game looks pretty weird.  They tried to go with a more realistic type look and for the most part it sometimes works and at other times it doesn't.  What I mean is, while the foot clan, mousers, and purple dragons look somewhat normal; the turtles, the kraang, some of the environments …

TMNT Out of the Shadows Out Tomorrow

TMNT Out of the Shadows - Available on Steam, PSN, & XBox Live

Back in the day I was a huge Ninja Turtle fan, still am actually.  One of the things that helped sealed my fandom was two videogames Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles in Time.  Those games were beat'em ups based off of the 80's cartoons and I enjoyed the cartoons as I didn't become familiar with the comics until the 90's as my nerdom had started to grow.  I have to say I am really looking forward to this game and playing this after work.  The trailers for the game make the turtles look different then what people are used to and the little that I have read about the game is that it is loosely based off of the new cartoon on Nickelodeon.  Me personally, I liked the cartoon and thought that the creators have done a good job crafting their take on the story.   Even though the game is a digital release I am hoping that it has a decent amount of content i…

The World's End a.k.a Sometimes Reunions Can Go Bad

The World's End - Movie Review

The Movie
Let me just start this off by saying that I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  If you haven't watched these two movies, please do yourself a favor and watch them because they are hilarious.

The Likes
This film is the third film in their Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Honestly, this isn't a trilogy in the normal sense of the term but if you have watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz you will see little easter eggs and homages to the other two films.  The writing in this film is very good, the jokes are on point, and despite all of the comedy the film does a very good job of telling a story that actually makes you think about life. The main thing that I like about this film is the chemistry between the main actors in the film. It really feels like they have been friends that are just seeing each other for the first time in years. Another thing that I liked about this movie is the amount of WTF moments in the film.  Some of them they sho…

This just in Ben Affleck is the new Batman, Nolanites calm the hell down

DISCLAIMER: If you have never read a comic you're probably gonna be upset and honestly I don't care. This needs to be said. You have been warned.

Okay people now that I got that out of the way, you can tell by the title who this blog post is aimed at and while I did speak on this subject in an earlier post I feel the need to revisit it again.  People while I enjoy what Christopher Nolan and David Goyer were able to do with Batman, I understood from the very beginning that ultimately that that version of Batman could not work in a universe with the rest of the DC characters.   I understand that what DC and WB want to do is ground their cinematic universe in realism which, once again, I have no problem with. It makes their cinematic universe different from Marvel's which is a good thing.  My problem is that for some reason the fans of that particular trilogy believe that is only way you can bring a super hero to the big screen or that is the way all super hero movies should b…

Gaming Nostalgia Tour - X-Men The Arcade Game


X-Men The Arcade Game: XBox 360

The Game
I lost a lot of quarters to this game in the arcades. The game originally came out in 1992 and was published by Konami. The game's story revolves around Magneto basically being his normally douchey self. You get to pick between six X-Men Wolverine, Cyclops, Dazzler, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Colossus.  Each character has their own special move some of which has the ability to clear out the screen which does come in handy because this is a side scrolling beat'em up.  I have to admit though that this game is best played with multiple people and from the outset (at least on the 360) you can choose to play the game with either 4 or 6 people.  Being that it is a port of an arcade game from the early 90's it does look a little dated.  The game can also be intense at times which is why its usually a very good idea to play with someone as opposed to going it alone.  Just realize that you will die and die alot, but hey look …

The Mighty Thor - Godbomb Conclusion

Marvel Comic

The Mighty Thor - Comic Review

Arc-  The God Butcher/The God bomb  (Issues 1 - 11)

The Likes
This is one of my favorite books coming out of Marvel NOW.  Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic authors and he does a very good job, in my opinion weaving this tale.  Another thing that I love about the book is the artwork. Esad Ribic's artwork is amazing and I like the way he draws the action and how it flows from panel to panel.  Normally, the first story arc of a new comic volume only lasts about six, maybe seven issues.  This one, however, lasts the first eleven and I can understand why.  In this story you follow three different Thor's as depicted at various times in his life and their interactions with Gorr - The God Butcher.  You meet young Thor, the arrogant warrior, Thor the avenger, the hero, and King Thor, an older Thor with a magnificent beard.  One of the things that Aaron does well in each of the comics is show all three Thor's, how different they are and …

2 Guns a.K.a Uncle Denzel slaps another co-star

2 Guns - Movie Review
--DISCLAIMER:  I didn't know this when I went to watch the movie but this is based off of a comic of the same name by BOOM Studios.  I had never heard of it before but I will check the comic book store to see if they have it.--
The Likes The best thing about this movie is the dialogue.  It is really really good and it helps the movie out a lot.  Denzel and Mark Wahlberg have a lot of chemistry on screen and when the two of them are together their back and forth is great.  They really do seem like they have been friends for years.  Bill Paxon, James Marsden, and Edward James Almos are really good as well as the film's central villains.  While the story is somewhat lacking it hearkens back to that 90's style of action flick.  The ones where the bad guys were bad guys and you wanted to see them dead by the end of the film.  I know for me personally, I like it when a villain is an asshole and not sympathetic.  It makes it much easier for me to hate their gut…

Dragon's Crown

First Impression's of Dragon's Crown for PS3 (also available on the PS Vita)

--DISCLAIMER: I know a lot of people have strong feelings about this game but I am of the mindset that you should not judge a book by its cover.--

Dragon's Crown is a new game from Vanillaware, a game developer out of Japan.  Their previous works that people are most familiar with is Odin's Sphere and Murmasa: The Demon Blade.  I really like the looks of their game's.  They look like paintings and Dragon's Crown is no exception.  After the first few hours of the game one thing is obvious, it plays a lot like Dungeons and Dragon's Shadow Over Mystara.  After doing a little research, George Kamitani the director of this game, worked on that game and this game feels like a natural extension of that.  There six character classes to choose from and each class has different strengths and weaknesses and are designed for different types of players.  So if you have played the Dungeons and Dra…

The Epic Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo WiiU

This one is for the Nintendo fans out there.  Yesterday a special Nintendo Direct  video was held for The Wonderful 101.  It showed gameplay and featured more of the main characters from the upcoming game.  This is one of the games that I have been looking forward to this year.  Also Nintendo released a demo of the game that is available for download from the eShop.  If you have a WiiU go on and download it, I did and had a lot of fun with it.  The game honestly looks and feels like a mix between Viewtiful Joe and Pikmin.  Which is crazy but in all honesty it works.  A lot of the trailers that have been shown up to this point have shown more of an action comedy type game.  Kind of like Viewtiful Joe was, but at the end of the Nintendo Direct yesterday they showed an epic 7 min trailer.  Most people thought that it was spoiler filled but Hideki Kamiya pretty much said on Twitter that is not the case.  So I am thinking that this game is probably going …

New Tales Game out this week

First Impression -Tales of Xillia - PS3

So the new Tales game came out yesterday and I got my copy.  After about 5 hours in I have to say that I am enjoying myself.  The graphics aren't bad and the gameplay is classic Tales, in that it is an action RPG.  There is a new gameplay style and level up system that I am still getting the hang of but if you have played one Tales of game you know that they always switch the fight and level mechanic up in some form or another.  I plan on doing a more in depth review when I get further into the game.  Hopefully I can get my Roxio game cap to work with the PS3 (still don't know why I have to use component when my WiiU and 360 can game cap with the HDMI) so I can do some walkthroughs and do a vid review.  Until then feast your eyes on the collector's edition statute and launch trailer.  Until next time.

*Gaming Nostalgia Tour is still on, the post should be up on Saturday.*

Gaming Nostalgia Tour - Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes

The Game
This game was originally released on the Sega Saturn in 1996.  It was developed by a studio called Treasure and follows the beat'em up/hack'n'slash genre of gaming.  The game itself has an anime vibe to it, as it mixes humor and violence very well.  On the gameplay side you have the option of switching between two planes while bashing heads.  It adds a level of strategy to the action that back in 96 was pretty awesome.  Now on to the graphics.  Remember this game was made back in 96 and used an animation style that was commonly used in Japanese anime.  That being said I don't think it holds up as well, but it does match with the over-the-top moves and animations that comprise the gameplay. The soundtrack to the game is pretty good as well and fits the tone of the game.  As far as the actual story of the game, it makes no sense.  Which was pretty standard for games of that era.  Games focused on fun not if this can be turned into a live action mov…

Why WB, why?????

As you can tell from the title of this entry I am disappointed to say the least.  If you are a gamer you probably know why if not I will tell you.  Yesterday I read an article that the new Batman game, Arkham Origins, is going to have multiplayer in it.  Furthermore, that the multiplayer would be on PS3, XBox 360, and PC, not the WiiU.  As I have said on multiple occaisions I am a gamer I own multiple consoles and I want to see all of gaming thrive. In short I'm not a fanboy, I will however stick up for any company that I feel is being mistreated.  That being said I was going to purchase Arkham Origins for the WiiU to show my support for a good console that I believe is getting bullied in the media and by third party developers who show fanboy tendencies.  Since I know IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers, and other journalists aren't going to call them out on it because they are either a. scared or b. have no balls whatsoever; I thought I would ask WB why.

First of all let me say this …