2 Guns a.K.a Uncle Denzel slaps another co-star

2 Guns - Movie Review

--DISCLAIMER:  I didn't know this when I went to watch the movie but this is based off of a comic of the same name by BOOM Studios.  I had never heard of it before but I will check the comic book store to see if they have it.--

The Likes
The best thing about this movie is the dialogue.  It is really really good and it helps the movie out a lot.  Denzel and Mark Wahlberg have a lot of chemistry on screen and when the two of them are together their back and forth is great.  They really do seem like they have been friends for years.  Bill Paxon, James Marsden, and Edward James Almos are really good as well as the film's central villains.  While the story is somewhat lacking it hearkens back to that 90's style of action flick.  The ones where the bad guys were bad guys and you wanted to see them dead by the end of the film.  I know for me personally, I like it when a villain is an asshole and not sympathetic.  It makes it much easier for me to hate their guts and be glad when the hero puts two in their chest and calls it a day.

The Dislikes
Okay this story is stupid.  I'm not even gonna lie.  There are some plot points that left me wondering are they even going to talk about that at all.  Paula Patton is in this movie and while normally I love her acting ability, she just seems wasted to me.  I mean there are a couple of scenes I enjoy very much but that's because I can be a pervert at times (don't judge me).  Fred Ward shows up for a scene that in all honesty could have been played by a no name extra.  I mean he is literally in the film for three minutes.  This leads me to the ending which I both love and hate at the same time.  I'm not going to ruin it but let's just say Sylvester Stallone and Arnold would have come up with a better plan than they did.

The Verdict
This movie is saved by the main characters chemistry and the great dialogue that was written.  If it wasn't for those two things this movie wouldn't be that good.  It brings to mind those old 80's - 90's action films and that is something that I like to see every now and then.  I give it a solid MATINEE

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