Gaming Nostalgia Tour - Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes

The Game
This game was originally released on the Sega Saturn in 1996.  It was developed by a studio called Treasure and follows the beat'em up/hack'n'slash genre of gaming.  The game itself has an anime vibe to it, as it mixes humor and violence very well.  On the gameplay side you have the option of switching between two planes while bashing heads.  It adds a level of strategy to the action that back in 96 was pretty awesome.  Now on to the graphics.  Remember this game was made back in 96 and used an animation style that was commonly used in Japanese anime.  That being said I don't think it holds up as well, but it does match with the over-the-top moves and animations that comprise the gameplay. The soundtrack to the game is pretty good as well and fits the tone of the game.  As far as the actual story of the game, it makes no sense.  Which was pretty standard for games of that era.  Games focused on fun not if this can be turned into a live action movie.

For Parents
This game is on XBox Live.  I did not check to see if it was on Playstation Network but seeing as how most of the time they are carbon copies of each other it probably is.  This game is a fantasy game with no voice acting.  The player fights various enemies but they are all fantasy related. No gore or cuss words are involved, so if you let your children watch anime in the vein of Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho there is no reason why they can't play this game.

The Verdict
Well while I personally enjoyed the nostalgia factor, I don't know if kids nowadays would enjoy it as much as I have.  So if you remember this game and want to show it to them I say buy it, if not don't.  It is a digital game so keep that in mind.

*Sorry for not having an accompanying video.  I accidently erased the file and I haven't had a chance to do another run through.  When I do I will place it on my Youtube channel and link it back here.*

--Next week on the Nostalgia Tour:  X-Men the Arcade Game.  See ya then.

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