New Tales Game out this week

First Impression -Tales of Xillia - PS3

So the new Tales game came out yesterday and I got my copy.  After about 5 hours in I have to say that I am enjoying myself.  The graphics aren't bad and the gameplay is classic Tales, in that it is an action RPG.  There is a new gameplay style and level up system that I am still getting the hang of but if you have played one Tales of game you know that they always switch the fight and level mechanic up in some form or another.  I plan on doing a more in depth review when I get further into the game.  Hopefully I can get my Roxio game cap to work with the PS3 (still don't know why I have to use component when my WiiU and 360 can game cap with the HDMI) so I can do some walkthroughs and do a vid review.  Until then feast your eyes on the collector's edition statute and launch trailer.  Until next time.

*Gaming Nostalgia Tour is still on, the post should be up on Saturday.*

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