The Mighty Thor - Godbomb Conclusion

Marvel Comic

The Mighty Thor - Comic Review

Arc-  The God Butcher/The God bomb  (Issues 1 - 11)

The Likes
This is one of my favorite books coming out of Marvel NOW.  Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic authors and he does a very good job, in my opinion weaving this tale.  Another thing that I love about the book is the artwork. Esad Ribic's artwork is amazing and I like the way he draws the action and how it flows from panel to panel.  Normally, the first story arc of a new comic volume only lasts about six, maybe seven issues.  This one, however, lasts the first eleven and I can understand why.  In this story you follow three different Thor's as depicted at various times in his life and their interactions with Gorr - The God Butcher.  You meet young Thor, the arrogant warrior, Thor the avenger, the hero, and King Thor, an older Thor with a magnificent beard.  One of the things that Aaron does well in each of the comics is show all three Thor's, how different they are and how vulnerable each one is.  At first glance you would think that the story would become muddled or that to much time would be spent on one Thor.  Aaron finds a way in each comic to dedicate time to each Thor as well as to Gorr and there never seems to be any over saturation of any one character except for one issue.

The Dislikes
While I enjoyed the arc immensely I really didn't like the villain all that much.  To me Gorr just seemed like an overly pissed douchebag.  They did do an issue where they talked about his origin, some people may have liked it, I really didn't.  I thought that it was kinda tacky and in poor taste.  Its one of those situations where I think the author wants you to understand where the villain is coming from and what his motivations are, and in a way I understand that.  I just didn't get how he didn't see that he was becoming that which he hated.  I think that Aaron could have done something else with him.

The Verdict
I am really liking this book and it is one of the Marvel books I look forward to every month.  This arc was very good to me and I can't wait to see what Aaron and company have in store next.  This gets a MUST BUY, from me.

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