This just in Ben Affleck is the new Batman, Nolanites calm the hell down

DISCLAIMER: If you have never read a comic you're probably gonna be upset and honestly I don't care. This needs to be said. You have been warned.

Okay people now that I got that out of the way, you can tell by the title who this blog post is aimed at and while I did speak on this subject in an earlier post I feel the need to revisit it again.  People while I enjoy what Christopher Nolan and David Goyer were able to do with Batman, I understood from the very beginning that ultimately that that version of Batman could not work in a universe with the rest of the DC characters.   I understand that what DC and WB want to do is ground their cinematic universe in realism which, once again, I have no problem with. It makes their cinematic universe different from Marvel's which is a good thing.  My problem is that for some reason the fans of that particular trilogy believe that is only way you can bring a super hero to the big screen or that is the way all super hero movies should be done.  The reason that I have liked what Marvel has done is that they have stayed faithful to who that character is and for the most part have been able to make fun movies.  One of the main reasons I did not like Arrow was because that wasn't Oliver Queen that was Bruce Wayne. If you have ever read a Green Arrow comic, especially the New 52 version you know this to be true. Not every hero is a paranoid billionaire who was traumatized at a young age and has obvious issues.   Even Robin (Dick Grayson) has called out Bruce on numerous occasions for this very fact.  This is why I say don't just watch the movies read a comic or a graphic novel.  Understand the personality traits of the particular character that you have become fond of, because whether you wish to believe it or not they come from a comic that is where their origin lies.

Now to the people crying foul over Ben Affleck being named as the new Batman.  Did you not understand Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale when they said that they were not coming back.  I mean both men have said on multiple occasions that they would not be coming back to the Batman universe that was created. Christopher Nolan even said in an interview that the trilogy exists as a standalone. That right there should have let you know that someone else was going to be picked to play Bats and that they were not going to be using what happened in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Also, Nolan himself on Man of Steel Ball Z was only serving as an executive producer, again why people are complaining I do not know. Now in all honesty Ben Affleck would not have been my choice but I'm not a casting director and since they are trying to fast track this he was probably the best person that was available.  If anything you shouldn't cast your judgment before seeing the movie.  It may be good you never know. I liked Man of Steel Ball Z way more than I did Dark Knight Rises.  Also there is very little that is known about this movie so far which begs the question why are people upset.  For now I myself am interested in how they are going to do this because they can't do the Frank Miller Batman vs Superman, simply because they knew each other in that story and were friends. This story should basically be there very first meeting. Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out and I for one am looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

~Dictated not read. The Management.

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