Why WB, why?????

As you can tell from the title of this entry I am disappointed to say the least.  If you are a gamer you probably know why if not I will tell you.  Yesterday I read an article that the new Batman game, Arkham Origins, is going to have multiplayer in it.  Furthermore, that the multiplayer would be on PS3, XBox 360, and PC, not the WiiU.  As I have said on multiple occaisions I am a gamer I own multiple consoles and I want to see all of gaming thrive. In short I'm not a fanboy, I will however stick up for any company that I feel is being mistreated.  That being said I was going to purchase Arkham Origins for the WiiU to show my support for a good console that I believe is getting bullied in the media and by third party developers who show fanboy tendencies.  Since I know IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers, and other journalists aren't going to call them out on it because they are either a. scared or b. have no balls whatsoever; I thought I would ask WB why.

First of all let me say this I don't understand why you are putting multiplayer in this game in the first place.  I personally don't think it needs it, seeing as how the other two entries in the series didn't but hey they are trying to put their own stamp on it so hey do what you do.  My problem is why are you cutting it out of just one console and then on top of that charging full price.  I know what most people would say, "Well third party games don't sell on Nintendo consoles." WRONG!!! Bad, uninspired, lazy, content missing ports don't sell on Nintendo consoles.  'Well multiplatform games don't sell on Nintendo consoles.' WRONG AGAIN!!! Multiplatform titles that are missing content don't sell on Nintendo consoles.  My point is, and this is pointed directly at WB, HOW DARE YOU! You honestly think that I will spend my money, pay full price on a game that is missing content.  Well I won't.  Yes I can buy it for one of my other systems but I don't like bullies and people that blatantly mistreat others.  So no I won't support you.  I am tired of people jumping on the hate Nintendo bandwagon and giving third parties a free pass.  Let's be honest and this question is for the adults who are gamers.  People that work everyday, get a paycheck, have bills to pay, people.  Would you pay full price for something that is only half-finished?  To other people reading this, would you pay full price for a coat with 5 big holes in it?  No you wouldn't, you would be crazy if you did.

I have a challenge for any third party game studio, hell any game developer period.  Make a game built from the ground up for the WiiU learn the system, make the game, do the proper amount of advertising and see if it won't sell.  And don't give me the 'it has a low install base.'  PS4 and XBone doesn't even have an install base they just have preorders and developers are making games for them.  There is no excuse for this type of treatment.  The funny thing about all of this is, the majority of this is coming from American devs and companies.  When you really think about where all the hate and negativity is coming from the majority of it is American.  When you have people like Adam Sessler calling for people to get fired but doesn't say one word about any third party, it makes one think.  When every week there is a Nintendo is dead article on IGN, yet they praise every big name dev and publisher almost like they are getting paid to do so, it makes one think.  I have said it before and I will say it again this negativity in the gaming industry and this one-sided blame isn't doing the industry any favors.  Next time anyone wants to say how Nintendo is doomed I want you to think.  Would you support any developer or publisher who gave you half-assed ports of old games.  Would you support any developer or publisher who took out content that was on other systems with no reason as to why.

Just think about it.  If they did it to Nintendo whose to say that they won't do it to Sony or Microsoft or PC.

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