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Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Gods Review

The Movie

The Good
It was just like seeing old friends. Dragon Ball Z was one of the first anime's I had ever watched and to this day still is one of my favorites.  I have watched all of the movies, OVA's, and their respective series. It has been a long time since the Wrath of the Dragon aired and it is nice to see the gang all back together again.  It is important to note that this movie takes place in the 10 years after the fight with Kid Buu and the end of Dragon Ball Z.  I know a lot of you count Dragon Ball GT, but Akira Toriyama never wrote that so I don't count that as cannon.  The story is well paced and they do a very good job of balancing the humor and action very well.  This movie also has one of the better animated fight sequences that I have seen in quite a while in it.  The film is filled with that over the top Dragon Ball craziness that fans enjoy.  I don't want to spoil any of the story but this film is obviously a setup film for either a new series or at the very least another movie.  I for one, am looking forward to it.

The Bad
While I did enjoy the movie I did have a couple of problems with it.  One of which being there was only one antagonist.  What I like about Dragon Ball is the characters and not everyone gets to fight. Hopefully in the next one they will have enough characters for everyone to fight.  Also some of the comedic scenes tend to drag on a little bit to long. Other than that I really didn't think the movie was that bad.

The Verdict
As a Dragon Ball fan and a fan of anime in general this is a Full Price.  I don't know when this will release stateside as I keep reading different releases.  Some sites say at the end of this year, others say it won't be until 2014.  Whenever it releases if you like action oriented anime like Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail you should definitely pick this one up.

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