Dragon's Crown Review

Dragon's Crown Review

Available on PS3 & PSVita

The Game
This game is honestly a whole lot of fun.  Vanillaware has done it again in making a game that is visually stunning.  With gameplay that is easy to learn yet hard to master and a treasure system that causes you to think about what you want to do with the treasures that you find while you travel.  This game initially came under fire because of some of the artwork that depicts two of the female characters one the Amazon and the other the Sorceress.  While I can understand why people were upset I honestly believe that if you play the game you will see that the art style that is used in the game is exaggerated for every character.  The game itself plays a lot like Dungeons & Dragons Shadow Over Mystara.  This games creator was actually on that team and if you have had the chance to play that game you will have no problem diving into this one.  The game itself looks very much like an oil painting and it reminds me very much of one of their other games, Muramasa The Demon Blade.  Just like in Shadow Over Mystara, you have six characters to choose from.  Each character is different with their own unique weapons and play styles. Also coming with you is an NPC names Rannie.  Rannie is important as he can unlock doors and treasure chests in each of the areas.  New to this game is a ranking system that actually ranks you by how many treasure chests you find and open in a particular area. Once an area is cleared you can take what you find back to the city to be appraised or sold.  Also if you come across a pile of bones in any area you can gather them and when you are back in the city you can have them resurrected and even have them join you for later quests.  I found that to be a fun mechanic when I needed a human shield, I mean help.

For Parents
This game is for Teens and is rated as such. It does have suggestive themes in it.  In all honesty it comes down to the maturity level of your child.  Personally I think its fine for kids in 7th grade and up.  There isn't any blood or gore and there is no foul language. The majority of enemies that are being fought are fantasy creatures a lot of which are from various mythologies.

The Verdict
I give this game a BARGAIN BIN.  I mean I had fun with it but I probably would not pay full price for it just because it isn't that long and it is best played in bursts. Actually if you have a Vita that would more than likely be the best system for it. That's just my opinion though.

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