First Impressions - The Wonderful 101

First Impressions

The Wonderful 101 - WiiU

Platinum Studios have done it again.  Just when I was starting to miss Viewtiful Joe the bring out this nice little gem of a game.  If you don't know what Viewtiful Joe is, here's the short version.  It's a game about an action movie loving regular guy named Joe who gets brought into the movie world to save his girlfriend (1st game) and later his favorite movie star and idol Captain Blue (2nd game).  The reason that I just brought that up is because this game is basically Viewtiful Joe mixed with Pikmin.  I know it sounds crazy but I haven't had this much fun in a long time.  This game is beautiful, colorful, and full of the crazy over the top action that Platinum Studios is known for.  I have read some reviews from some of the major gaming sites and publications and in all honesty I do not know what they are talking about in regards to control.  I was used to the gameplay after about 30 minutes no lie.  If you played the demo you should be good to go because it quickly becomes second nature.  Also the way they make use of the gamepad is ingenious. Some of the puzzles are actually easier if you just flip the screen from the TV to the gamepad. Which is very easy to do by the way.  I am about 3 hours in so far and I am loving every minute of it.  The story is action heavy and where I am in the game, the destruction already is on par with a Michael Bay film.  One more thing about this game is it is funny as hell.  The cutscenes are hilarious and the way that the characters interact with each other is awesome. All in all this game is a must have for the WiiU library, even if it isn't your usual genre, gamefly it I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Full Review will be done hopefully by the weekend (it sucks being an adult sometimes).

*Also I do have a lot of reviews that I haven't posted yet.  My plan is to type up at least one a day.  I have them wrote out I just haven't typed them up yet.*

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