My favorite comics/manga

So I was sitting here thinking what are my favorite comics that are out now.  While I do read a lot, my favorite reading material comes on Wednesday's at Laughing Ogre Comics (the comic store that I frequent). I do have a lot of favorite's but right now I am liking the Marvel NOW line.  Not to talk bad about DC, Image, Valiant, or IDW but me personally I just like what they are doing over at the house of ideas.  With that in mind I thought I would give you all my personal favorite comics and manga that I am currently reading. Check' em out.


  1. Wolverine & the X-Men: written by Jason Aaron - follows the exploits of the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
  2. Uncanny X-Men: written by Brian Michael Bendis - follows Cyclops and his team of mutants as he prepares for a mutant revolution. 
  3. All New X-Men: written by Brian Michael Bendis - follows the original first class as they are brought back in time by Hank McCoy to try and prevent the future.
  4. X-Men: written by Brian Wood - follows an all female group of X-Men from the Jean Grey School as they try to make the world a better place and protect their school.
  5. Thor: written by Jason Aaron - follows the adventures of three different Thor's (Young and arrogant Thor, Hero and Avenger Thor, and Old King Thor)
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy: written by Brian Michael Bendis - follows the Star-Lord and his Guardians along with Tony Stark as they protect the Earth from pretty much everything.
  7. A + X: written by various - follows one X-Men and one Avenger in two stories per book.  Stories are short and to the point and are actually pretty good.
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: written by (can't remember as I am on vacation at the time of this writing) - follows everybody's favorite ninja turtles and their adventures through NY.
  1. Bleach: written by Tite Kubo - follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends as the protect the Earth and Spirit World aka Soul Society from just about everybody.
  2. One Piece: written by Eichiro Oda - follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Pirate Crew on his quest to become King of the Pirates.
  3. Naruto: written by Masashi Kishimoto - follows the adventures of the ninja Naruto Uzumaki as he aims to become the number 1 ninja in his village the Hokage.
  4. Fairy Tail: written by Hiro Mashima - follows Natsu the fire dragon slayer and his friends as they go on different jobs for their guild Fairy Tail.
  5. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi: written by Matsenya Syun - follows the adventures of Kenichi as he learns martial arts from masters at the Ryozanpaku dojo.
  6. The Legend of Zelda: written by Akira Himekawa - this manga is usually written after the games.  They are actually very good there are 10 graphic novels out, with the latest one being about Skyward Sword.  Here's hoping they release it in the west.
Those are just a few of my favorites (trust me I have a lot more).  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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