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TMNT: Out Of The Shadows - XBox 360

The Game
I don't even know how to start this review.  Okay this is going to be one of those good, bad, and what the hell were you thinking reviews.  This game is many things and it has some interesting and good ideas that are put into it.  As a long time game fan and ninja turtle fan I can see what they were going for but either A. didn't have enough money to bring their vision to life or B. didn't have enough time to polish it.  I stated in my first impressions write up how they did some really cool things.  First, I love the beat' em up style gameplay that reminds me so much of the games that I used to play back in the late 80's and early 90's.  You basically beat up bad guys from area to area in classic Streets of Rage style and I think that this approach works to the game's advantage. Another thing that I liked was how each of the turtles played and felt different from each other and more in line with the persona from turtle cannon. There is also an upgrade system that uses ability points that can be used to get the turtles different gear, moves, items, etc.

Now for the bad and trust me it ain't pretty.  First, the graphics, normally I don't really care about the graphics but the game in my opinion suffered from how bad some of the areas were and how the game looked as a whole.  They went with a more realistic look for the turtles which honestly didn't bother me that much.  What bothered me was the gritty world they tried to infuse the game with; I probably would have let that go if they did not try to add a stealth mechanic to the game.  I was never able to get more than three stealth takedowns in an area and that was if I was lucky. It was a good idea it just wasn't executed properly. Some areas of the game had numerous glitches that would require for your game to be restarted.  There was one area in particular where Baxter Stockman has you on camera and you are controlling the turtles from the viewpoint of the camera. It was a great idea, however, there is a thunderstorm happening in the level at the same time.  I cannot tell you how many times I could not see what was going on because my screen would be white.  I know the game is only 14.99 but there still should have been some polish that went into this game.  Also another thing that I didn't like is the fact that this game is based off of the Nickelodeon cartoon but none of the voice actors from the show lend their voices for the characters.  The voice actors they have all sound like they are doing impressions of the show's cast.  The good thing is though that most of the issues that I had can more than likely be fixed with patches or at least I hope they fix them.  Last thing that I have to complain about and that is the fact that there is only a two player story mode.  To me that's just lazy, there four turtles every game console out now has at least four player capacity.  The multiplayer wasn't that bad, there you can play four player online and that reminded me of the arcade game and Turtles in Time.

For Parents
This game is honestly not bad for children.  As I have stated before it is based off of the Nick cartoon.  If they watch that then its fine for them to play. Its rated E 10 for fantasy violence.

The Verdict
A part of me really wants to tell you to get this game but I just can't I had way to many bad experiences playing this game.  It is not nearly as polished as it should be and even though it is a digital release and 14.99 I think you should spend your money on something else.  Now if they patch the game and fix the glitches in it my verdict will change but for now I have to give it a WHY IN THE WORLD DID I BUY THIS!!!

*Tomorrows review will be for Dragon's Crown. Take care and thanks for reading.*

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