Rayman Legends Review

Rayman Legends Review - Nintendo Wii U; also on XBox 360, PS3, PSVita

*I was going to add a video of various gameplay clips but for some reason my game capture software is acting screwy.  That's why it has taken me so long to post a review of the game.*

The Game
If you are a fan of platformers and crazy gameplay or if you just have serious A.D.D. do I have a game for you.  I have to give the team at UbiSoft credit, they made a platformer that in my humble opinion out Mario'd, Mario.  This game is packed with a lot of content. Whether it be music levels or certain stages from Rayman Origins.  They packed this game out and gave gamers a lot to do.  On the Nintendo version there are multiple control schemes for those that do not wish to use the gamepad.  Me personally I liked the gamepad integration in the levels as it gave a new layer to the gameplay and made for some interesting puzzles.  They also have a lot of unlockables in this game that adds to the replayability of the game.  There are a lot of characters in game most of which are color swaps for the characters or just different suits.  Even so it is still pretty fun to see as most of it just looks hilariously funny.  Another thing that makes this game awesome are the daily and weekly challenges.  The challenges so where you are on the leaderboard and if you are in to stuff like that you will need to check back because you can lose your place quickly.  To me the best part of each of the levels are the music levels.  These are fun little rips on popular songs.  I didn't know all of the them off of the top of my head but I did know a couple and I googled the rest.  The boss fights are fun as well and overall the game is just beautiful.  The art is done well and everything runs smoothly at a good clip.  As good as this game is there are a couple of things that I did not like.  One is the amount of content there is so much content in this game that there was a point where I forgot about the story and I was just doing a lot of the side stuff. My A.D.D. was in full effect and its easy to do because when you unlock something they show it to you right then.  Most people will not have a problem with this but its just something that I find troublesome to me as sometimes I can be easily distracted. Another thing was the boss fights, some of the fights are hard to move around and this can be frustrating for some people.

For Parents
The game is rated E10+ and in all honesty there isn't anything bad in it.  It's a platformer in the same vein as Super Mario Bros. I see no reason why kids and adults would not enjoy this game.

The Verdict
Well this game gets a FULL PRICE.  The content, soundtrack, artwork, and unlockables make this game a must have. It is a great addition to any gamers library.

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