Wolverine & The X-Men - The Hellfire Saga

Marvel Comics

Wolverine & The X-Men - Comic Review

Arc - The Hellfire Saga  (Issues 31 - 35)

The Likes
This is another one of my favorite Marvel titles of the last few years.  Now that I think about it I really do need to do a top ten list. Jason Aaron does it once again by closing the story of the new Hellfire Club that he started way back in Wolverine & the X-Men number 1.  I liked the overall development of this story as they were the main villains for Wolverine's school for the entire series to this point.  I will try not to spoil any of the plot but this is one of the books that I find to be consistently good every month.  The pace of the story is excellent and it was nice to see the teachers at the Jean Grey school in a frenzy trying to find their students.  I also liked the fact that, for the most part, the students were at the forefront and the teachers were basically in the background.  The story is a lot of fun and  like most of Aaron's work has a good sense of balance to it . A lot of the plot threads are closed up nicely while at the same time starting a few new story arcs.  I am really looking forward to Battle of the Atom this month.  Its been a long time since I have been actually excited for an X-Men crossover.

The Dislikes
While I did enjoy this arc immensely I did have a couple of problems with it. One problem I had was the whole Toad/Paige sub plot.  Its used to stop something from happening in the story and I just thought that they could have done something else.  Also I wanted to see more of the students from the Jean Grey school.  I understand that they want to keep the stories centralized but I would have thought more students would have snuck out to help, but that's just me though.  I mean the school is being run by Wolverine I kind of expect more students to have more of his tendencies to love a good scrap.  This last dislike is just a personal gripe but hey I like the character and wish Aaron would bring him back already.  WHERE IS KID GLADIATOR?!!!  He has been one of my favorite characters in this series and all of the sudden after A vs X he is nowhere to be found.

The Verdict
All in all this book, in my opinion, should be in every comic book fans library and I think its only going to get better.  MUST BUY, is my rating for this one.

~On a side note this crossover actually made me a fan of Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega.  He is fast becoming my favorite character in this book.

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