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Marvel Comics Infinity Event

DISCLAIMER: The event isn't over but I decided to do a little write up on it as it has been extremely good.

This isn't going to be a review but I just wanted to say a few words in regards to this comic book event that is going on in Marvel right now.  IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! That being said I am enjoying this event very much.  I am not the biggest Jonathan Hickman fan, in my opinion he takes to long to get to the point and I often have to reference early books just to get the point when things finally start to come together in his works. I have to give him credit though, here the story is paced well and I have found myself looking forward to the next comic in the series. They are currently on issue 4 of 6 in the main Infinity story. I won't spoil anything for anyone but this is a damn good comic event. Way better than Age of Ultron, which in my opinion, was utter garbage.

Also I have am only reading one of the tie-ins and that is Infinity: The Hunt.  This 4 part ser…

Because sometimes I just miss the old school

For those old school memories

So I got my hands on the 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia.  Going through that book brought back a lot of memories.  I started gaming around 1988, (yeah I'm in my thrities) so the 90's era of gaming will always hold a special place in my heart. Games back then may not have been the prettiest but they were fun. Of course I spent an unreasonable amount of time in arcades.  I miss the arcades.  So for me you can understand why I am happy when I hear about an HD remake of a classic game or a release on each of the console's digital shops. I say that to say this a lot of newer gamers have expressed their distaste for remakes of games.  To them I say, IT AIN'T FOR YOU! More importantly you don't have to buy it if you don't want to, not everything is catered to everyone.  Different people like different things. Personally I like the old and the new.  The old school games serve to remind me of the fun that I used to have with …

Kid Icarus Uprising Review

Kid Icarus Uprising Review - Nintendo 3DS

DISCLAIMER:  I thought it would be fun to throw in a couple of reviews for the 3DS.  Up first is Kid Icarus Uprising.

The Game
Let me start this off by talking about the controls and yes I know this game is old but hey I felt like reviewing something.  I was reading an Iwata asks article from last year and found that this game was originally meant for the Wii.  It is interesting because I found that a lot of people were pissed off about the control scheme and the fact that the game came with a stand.  SIDE NOTE -  The 3DS was originally supposed to come with the stand but they decided not to add it in at the last minute. (Just in case you didn't know that.)  Me personally the controls are fine and I didn't mind playing with the stand as a matter of fact I preferred playing with the stand especially since I had the 3D turned up. Like Smash Bros, Kid Icarus has a plethora of different control schemes so finding one you like honestly should …

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Review

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer: I am a little biased here because I am a Zelda fan (I have statutes).  

The Game - This game has been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time.  Originally released on the N64 in 1998, it won numerous awards and have been re-released a few times as well.  Now you can take the game with you on the go.  The first thing that you will notice is the graphical upgrade.  Everything in this game has been given an upgrade/redesign and it looks great. However, some of the animations for Link look kind of ridiculous.  For instance, when he rolls or jumps to the side it looks funny.  The 3D on this game is okay, the only time I used it was in Boss Battles and certain puzzles.  Other than that I cut it off and the game played just fine.  Everything runs at a smooth framerate but I have noticed that on some of the mini boss battles that you can actually lose yourself behind a wall.  It only happened to me twice, once in Jabu…

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Review

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Review - Nintendo Wii U

DISCLAIMER:   Ok in all honesty this game is not for everyone.  I just wanted to say that up front just so I could get it out of the way. Now on to the review.

The Game
To say this game is difficult would be an understatement.  That being said I enjoyed it a lot.  It's important that I say this but you will die in this game a lot, that's just how challenging it is.  You will get no mercy in this game, the AI will gang up on you, the mid-level boss is usually some ridiculous machine/monster, and the main bad guy has a British accent (not really understanding that one but whatever). The game revolves around the super ninja Ryu Hayabusa and it is spread out over 8 days. For the majority of the game you are trying to rid yourself of a curse inflicted upon you and stop said evil British douchebag. To change up the experience you get to play with Ayane, a staple character in the Dead or Alive series, she has a couple chapters in w…

Darksiders 2 Review

Darksiders 2 User Review - Nintendo Wii U Edition

Let me just start by saying I played the first and I thought that it was awesome.  I may be a little biased because I am a huge Joe Madureira fan (he is the creative artist on this game and a comic book artist well known for his work at Marvel and Cliffhanger).  That being said this game is a lot fun.

The Game
You play as one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse - Death and throughout the game you are on a mission to clear your brother War's name.  The first Darksiders game dealt with War and the bringing on of the Apocalypse.  If you have played the first game the first thing you will notice is that A) Death has his horse Despair from the beginning of the game and B)Death is way faster than War in terms of overall speed, agility, and basic movement. It is also important to mention that there is no blocking in this game, you have to dodge.  Trust me you will be dodging often in this game.  Another thing that I have enjoyed about this …

Dead or Alive Dimensions Review

Dead or Alive Dimensions Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer - I got this game when it first came out and I started back playing it and thought might as well do a review on it.  Now with that out of the way.

The Game
Dead or Alive is a fighting game from our good friends at Team Ninja.  The 3DS game is kind of like a love letter to fans of the series as they take the characters from the first four games and bring them altogether for 3D violence and mayhem.  The game itself has plenty of modes most of which are common to anyone who has played a previous entry in the series.  The story mode a.k.a Chronicle takes games 1 - 4 and tries to tell a coherent story (focus on the word tries).  To be clear this is a fighting game people if you came here for the story I feel sorry for you I really do because it makes no sense and when they try to make it make sense it gets worse.  That being said it is still a fun mode to go through at least once.  After that you have your standard training, tag, free,…

Project X Zone Mini Review

Project X Zone Mini Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer: Its been a while peeps. Yeah this game isn't for everybody trust me on this one.

The Game
This game is the product of three studios: Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai.  It takes characters from each of those companies franchises and mashes them together in an strategy RPG game.  First of all this game has a lot of characters and when I say a lot I mean a lot.  You may notice some right away others you may not unless you keep a close eye on anime and are a fan of Japanese gaming culture in general.  Each character is rendered in sprite form with full voice acting (Japanese with subs) and it is done beautifully.  Each of the characters are given some way over the top moves that are dished out in rapid succession.  Combat takes place on a grid and you move your character to reach the enemy and the fight then shifts to a 2D animation of your character pulling off moves that you chain together. Story wise this game makes no sense whatsoev…

Code of Princess Mini Review

Code of Princess Mini Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer:  Its very important that I say this but this game is like an action comedy, beat'em up.  It takes its cues from anime and that means a little "fan service".  So if you don't have a problem with that then by all means read on.
The Game: This game is a throwback to the Sega Saturn game Guardian Heroes (which was freakin awesome, hoping for a Virtual Console release).  The gameplay is that of a standard action beat'em up from the 90's.  You basically take a character and fight with him or her through the level pulling off various moves and combos on a variety of enemies.  This game has multiple characters and modes.  Each character feels unique and their movesets are interesting to say the least.  Also this game has an RPG element to it, as you will need to power up your character with different accessories that have different uses.  Also after you clear each level you get points that you can designate to a d…

Pokemon Y First Impressions

Pokemon Y - Nintendo 3DS

The Game
I think its important to note that I haven't played a Pokemon game in years.  Its so bad that I can't even remember the name of the game I just know it was on Game Boy Advance.  Saying that, I am having a lot of fun with this game.  The story seems to be very simple which isn't a bad thing.  The gameplay is turn-based RPG style, like most Pokemon titles.  GameFreak has made a lot of improvements to the titles over the years and this one is no exception. You don't have to play with the 3D on and it still plays and looks great.  I usually play with the 3D on during battles as I like the effect.  The Kalos region is a big region and the game picks up pretty quickly and is paced very well.  The story I have heard is anywhere between 30 - 40 hours, I cannot confirm this as I have not beat the game yet.  There are a lot of extra features in this game as well as mini games. Just like in Kingdom Hearts 3D, you can play with your Pokemon outside …

A quick little post

Hi everybody as you well know I am fan of games of all kinds.  So some people ask me questions about consoles from time to time and I answer them as honestly as possible as I want the industry to thrive as opposed to wilting and dying.  Saying that I am a fan of Nintendo and I have come to notice that some people have been led to believe that their newest home console, the Wii U, is a terrible console.  Much like in 2011 with the 3DS they have had a rough start, a lot of which is Nintendo's fault for various reasons that I may get into later. However, their systems, both the 3DS and Wii U are very good systems.  Some gaming journalists and websites (especially those in the U.S.) would have you think otherwise but that is not true.  So if you are interested in the Wii U I have posted two links to a couple of documents that a good buddy of mine Jaime Butterworth wrote up about the Wii U.  I also encourage you to visit a kiosk in either Best Buy, GameStop, or where ever you can find …

Pokemon Origins Anime Review

In honor of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y I decided to give a little review of the 4 episode Pokemon Origins anime. Enjoy.

The Good
This anime is based off of the insanely popular Pokemon series and it follows Red.  If you don't know, Red is the Pokemon trainer from the very first game in the series, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.  These four episodes basically chronicle the rivalry he has with Green and shows his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Some noticeable people show up in this anime.  For example you will see Professor Oak, Team Rocket, and also the gym leaders from that game as well.  The animation is very good and so are the voices in this animation.  The voice actor for Red is the same person who does the voice for Naruto. Before I forget I am referring to the Japanese voice actors.  I do not think that this is coming to America, I mean it would be cool if it did but its probably not. The soundtrack on it is very good as well.  They took tunes from the game and put it into the epis…

My Favorite Web Series/Shows

So lately I have been on youtube a lot more than I used to be. I have my own channel that have my videogame playthroughs on it and I am also a part of the Gamers At Large gaming podcast episodes 1 - 6 are available now.  Sorry I couldn't resist the shameless self promotion.  I am also subscribed to a wide variety of content on youtube as well.  I started to think about some of my favorite shows and channels on youtube and how great of a platform it is for creative people.  I came up with a list of my favorite channels, they are in no particular order just my favorites.

Gamers At Large: my cohorts in gaming, we tackle different topics and give our opinions on those as well as the gaming industry at large.Epic Rap Battles of History: I love this channel as it presents rap battles of famous people. Epic Peter and Nice Lloyd do a real good job and Season 3 just started with Darth Vader vs. Hitler 3.RWBY: This is an animated show from Monty Oum. Its on the Rooster Teeth Channel and I am…

Tales of Xillia Review

Tales of Xillia Review - Sony PS3

The Game
If you are familiar with the Tales series then you are in for a treat.  For a while it wasn't even certain that this game was coming stateside but I for one am glad that they did. The game is set up as an action RPG like other games in the series.  Fans of Tales of Symphonia will love this because they brought back the unison attacks.  In this game they are called linked artes but they are basically unison attacks. Once you link to a character a gauge on the left of the screen will begin to fill once filled when prompt comes on screen you can perform the attack.  Personally, Tales of Symphonia is my favorite Tales of game. Now in all honesty I haven't played every game in the series but I have played a lot of them and I prefer this type of RPG.  The story is your standard Tales fare, but unlike the others at the very beginning you choose between the main two characters Millia and Jude.  This adds to the replayability besides the normal …