Code of Princess Mini Review

Code of Princess Mini Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer:  Its very important that I say this but this game is like an action comedy, beat'em up.  It takes its cues from anime and that means a little "fan service".  So if you don't have a problem with that then by all means read on.
The Game: This game is a throwback to the Sega Saturn game Guardian Heroes (which was freakin awesome, hoping for a Virtual Console release).  The gameplay is that of a standard action beat'em up from the 90's.  You basically take a character and fight with him or her through the level pulling off various moves and combos on a variety of enemies.  This game has multiple characters and modes.  Each character feels unique and their movesets are interesting to say the least.  Also this game has an RPG element to it, as you will need to power up your character with different accessories that have different uses.  Also after you clear each level you get points that you can designate to a different attribute, such as attack, vitality, speed, defense, etc. The story is basically anime style in its presentation with characters on a journey, fighting monsters, and beating the bad guys to save the world.

The Verdict:  If you are a fan of 90's beat'em ups you will enjoy this, especially the anime type feel of it.  Also I have to mention that this game has a spike in difficulty that is ridiculous and happens very early in the game.  No fear there are bonus quests that you can do to help you level up.  So my rating is Bargain Bin its a fun game but it also depends on what kind of gamer you are as well.

For Parents:  There is fan service in this game and the main character is a female who is half-naked. Outside of that there isn't anything vulgar in the game and most of the time the game takes a more comedic tone. The game is rated T for Teen, but in all honesty its not that bad of a game. If you let your kids watch PG-13 movies then it isn't anything worse than that.

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