Darksiders 2 Review

Darksiders 2 User Review - Nintendo Wii U Edition

Let me just start by saying I played the first and I thought that it was awesome.  I may be a little biased because I am a huge Joe Madureira fan (he is the creative artist on this game and a comic book artist well known for his work at Marvel and Cliffhanger).  That being said this game is a lot fun.

The Game
You play as one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse - Death and throughout the game you are on a mission to clear your brother War's name.  The first Darksiders game dealt with War and the bringing on of the Apocalypse.  If you have played the first game the first thing you will notice is that A) Death has his horse Despair from the beginning of the game and B)Death is way faster than War in terms of overall speed, agility, and basic movement. It is also important to mention that there is no blocking in this game, you have to dodge.  Trust me you will be dodging often in this game.  Another thing that I have enjoyed about this game is the RPG elements and the loot system.  There are a lot of weapons in this game each with different attributes ,PAY ATTENTION TO THE ATTRIBUTES, these attributes can save you depending on the enemy you are facing.  To me the enemy AI had a steady progression to it, however, let me warn you that toward the end of the game the enemy AI does spike.  Remember when I said the game has RPG elements to it, well you have 2 distinct skill trees that house the Necromancer style which is more spell based and the Harbinger style which is more attack based.  Personally I had a mix of both as I found that helped me out a lot in game especially toward the end when the game became more challenging.  You can set Death up anyway that you want I know people who are strictly Necromancer and had success that way. It all depends on your play style.  The voice acting and music in the game is very good. The music, especially during the fight scenes are top notch. The dialog was never to hokey or seemed forced to me and Michael Wincott, who voices Death is just awesome.

The Wii U Edition
This edition comes with all of the special preorder bonuses that came out when it was released during last summer.  Also the DLC for Argul's Tomb is included on disc.  I have not heard if the other DLC that was released last year will be coming to the Wii U version though so I guess we'll have to wait and see.  It's important to note that I did run into some glitches and freeze ups in odd areas basically in the first realm that you are in, I didn't have any issues after that.  I am on my second play through and I haven't ran into anything yet so please understand that they apparently did not get all of the bugs out of the game.

For Parents
This game is rated M for Mature.  That being said it does have violence in it, there is no foul language and for the most part the violence is kind of like the Lord of the Rings Films, where you may have arms being cut off, decapitations that are done quickly, and stab animations when Death slays a boss monster.  There is no nudity, however, there is some scantily clad demon women with swords that you have to defeat and one of the main characters - Lilith is dressed provocatively.

All in all despite some of the flaws, for me it was a FULL PRICE. If you were lucky enough to play the first game and you enjoyed it, its a no brainer.  If you are looking for something new to play I highly recommend it you can pick it up in store or from the e-shop.

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