Dead or Alive Dimensions Review

Dead or Alive Dimensions Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer - I got this game when it first came out and I started back playing it and thought might as well do a review on it.  Now with that out of the way.

The Game
Dead or Alive is a fighting game from our good friends at Team Ninja.  The 3DS game is kind of like a love letter to fans of the series as they take the characters from the first four games and bring them altogether for 3D violence and mayhem.  The game itself has plenty of modes most of which are common to anyone who has played a previous entry in the series.  The story mode a.k.a Chronicle takes games 1 - 4 and tries to tell a coherent story (focus on the word tries).  To be clear this is a fighting game people if you came here for the story I feel sorry for you I really do because it makes no sense and when they try to make it make sense it gets worse.  That being said it is still a fun mode to go through at least once.  After that you have your standard training, tag, free, and online modes.  There are a lot of unlockables and there used to be challenges that would take place via Spotpass but those have since stopped, or at least I don't get them anymore.  Also the 3D is this game is amazing.

For Parents
This game is rated T for Teen and that's really mostly because of some of the female characters costumes can be a little much but its nothing to over the top.  I'll put it like this, if you don't have a problem with Super Street Fighter 4 then you shouldn't have a problem with this.

Its been out for over a year but to me its still a fun game.  If you are a DoA fan this is a must buy, if not I'll say get at the bargin bin.

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