Kid Icarus Uprising Review

Kid Icarus Uprising Review - Nintendo 3DS

DISCLAIMER:  I thought it would be fun to throw in a couple of reviews for the 3DS.  Up first is Kid Icarus Uprising.

The Game
Let me start this off by talking about the controls and yes I know this game is old but hey I felt like reviewing something.  I was reading an Iwata asks article from last year and found that this game was originally meant for the Wii.  It is interesting because I found that a lot of people were pissed off about the control scheme and the fact that the game came with a stand.  SIDE NOTE -  The 3DS was originally supposed to come with the stand but they decided not to add it in at the last minute. (Just in case you didn't know that.)  Me personally the controls are fine and I didn't mind playing with the stand as a matter of fact I preferred playing with the stand especially since I had the 3D turned up. Like Smash Bros, Kid Icarus has a plethora of different control schemes so finding one you like honestly should not be hard. The game is broken up into 25 Chapters with each chapter except for one having three parts - air, land, and boss battle.  Air battles are where the controls to me are the best, it is basically a third person flight shooter and when you add in the 3D it looks and plays great. The land and boss battles weren't bad once you got used to the controls, it just took me a couple of chapters to get used to it. One of the things that I love about the single player game is the sheer amount of different weapons that you can use in this game.  They have weapons that are fast melee weapons, long range sniper type weapons, big damage dealing weapons, weapons that have different status effects with it, etc. Also there is an attribute box that you can set different attributes to, to help you in a chapter.  You need to choose wisely though because once you set your attributes you can't change them until the stage is over. The voice acting and soundtrack in this game is awesome.  It has a Saturday morning, let's break the fourth wall type of comedy to it that I thought was great.  Some people have complained that they talked to much but in all honesty I didn't mind it because I like anime and cartoons in general.  It kind of reminded me of how the voice acting was in Viewtiful Joe, funny but not annoying.  I almost forgot this game has a difficulty slider on it and if you die in a stage it automatically goes down to an easier difficulty setting.  Also when you select the level difficulty you have to bet hearts (the games currency) on it, it made the game more fun and challenging for me as the higher the difficulty the better the weapons and level secrets you would unlock upon completion.

The Multiplayer
This game does have multiplayer and it is fun.  I must say though I have thoroughly embarrased myself playing the multiplayer and will not be going back in until I have stronger weapons.  That being said they have both team based and free for all.  Team based is pretty cool as you basically try to get the other teams health bar down, once that happens that teams Pit shows up and whichever team loses Pit loses the match.

For Parents
This game is e10+ and honestly I didn't find anything wrong with it. Outside of the difficulty its pretty much your standard fantasy action game starring one of Nintendo's mascots.

The Verdict
For me this game is a Full Price.  There is so much content packed into this game that you will get your money's worth.  There are a few flaws like the excessive chatter during stages and the control scheme but to me it isn't an issue.  This game is awesome.  Also for those of us who like collecting things there are AR Cards that you can use with this game.  You can take photos with them and if you place them facing each other they will have a little match. All in all its a great game.

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