My Favorite Web Series/Shows

So lately I have been on youtube a lot more than I used to be. I have my own channel that have my videogame playthroughs on it and I am also a part of the Gamers At Large gaming podcast episodes 1 - 6 are available now.  Sorry I couldn't resist the shameless self promotion.  I am also subscribed to a wide variety of content on youtube as well.  I started to think about some of my favorite shows and channels on youtube and how great of a platform it is for creative people.  I came up with a list of my favorite channels, they are in no particular order just my favorites.

  1. Gamers At Large: my cohorts in gaming, we tackle different topics and give our opinions on those as well as the gaming industry at large.
  2. Epic Rap Battles of History: I love this channel as it presents rap battles of famous people. Epic Peter and Nice Lloyd do a real good job and Season 3 just started with Darth Vader vs. Hitler 3.
  3. RWBY: This is an animated show from Monty Oum. Its on the Rooster Teeth Channel and I am really digging the show as I am a fan of action adventure anime.  The episodes are of varying length and some people may have a problem with that but I don't as it makes me check back every week.
  4. Black Nerd Comedy:  Andre Meadows is freaking hilarious.  He does videos on movies and rants on various topics.  His Awkward Talks with Girls series is awesome as well.
  5. The Legend of Katie:  Katie Wilson is awesome as well.  She does a lot of different videos on her channel and she seems like a really cool person.
  6. Sword and Shell:  Katie and Andre's gaming channel.  They mostly do playthroughs of games usually with Andre losing.  They are fun to watch as you can tell that they are having a lot of fun.  Especially when Andre goes and gets a retro game.  Trust me you just have to watch it.
  7. Alpha Omega Sin:  One of my favorite gaming channels.  He's very passionate about gaming and not always safe for work but hey that's what headphones are for.  Check him out if you like gaming.
  8. Quan Man Chu:  The ring leader of the Gamers At Large podcast.  His own channel has a lot of interesting videos with his opinions and takes on geek culture. Whether it be anime, gaming, or tech its really good channel.
  9. NinZend0:  Another one of my favorite gaming channels and one of the cohost's of Gamers At Large. His channel is gaming centric and very informative.  This channel is completely safe for work.
  10. The Mizzah Tee Show:  A gamer that knows his stuff.  He's an old school gamer and show is definitely a good watch.  He's also a mainstay on Gamers At Large.
  11. Mario Warfare:  This show is an action adventure show that mashes Modern Warfare with Super Mario Bros.  Its actually a very good show with good action and humor in it.  They have four episodes up and I am looking forward to the fifth.
  12. Tainted Love/Machinima Prime:  This one is an action comedy that stars Eric Roberts, Orlando Jones, and Deanna Russo.  It has a comic vibe to it and I enjoy that aspect of it.  Kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim a little bit. There are 6 episodes in Season 1. Here's hoping they get a second season.
  13. Mortal Kombat Leagacy/Machinima Prime: Its Mortal Kombat, need I say more.
Those are just a few of my favorites.  I know I should have put in links but I am being lazy today.  Check these guys out as they have a lot of good content.

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