Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Review

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Review - Nintendo Wii U

DISCLAIMER:   Ok in all honesty this game is not for everyone.  I just wanted to say that up front just so I could get it out of the way. Now on to the review.

The Game
To say this game is difficult would be an understatement.  That being said I enjoyed it a lot.  It's important that I say this but you will die in this game a lot, that's just how challenging it is.  You will get no mercy in this game, the AI will gang up on you, the mid-level boss is usually some ridiculous machine/monster, and the main bad guy has a British accent (not really understanding that one but whatever). The game revolves around the super ninja Ryu Hayabusa and it is spread out over 8 days. For the majority of the game you are trying to rid yourself of a curse inflicted upon you and stop said evil British douchebag. To change up the experience you get to play with Ayane, a staple character in the Dead or Alive series, she has a couple chapters in which you play as her solely. I liked playing with her because she is faster than Ryu and her combos seemed to be more natural and fluid. Now I did mention that this game is hard.  Personally, I like a game that is challenging but some boss battles and chapters in this game are frustrating to say the least. I never ran into any glitches on my play through and the game runs at a smooth clip. The graphics are amazing and I found using the Gamepad controller to be just fine. You have the option to play with either the Gamepad or Pro controller, both work fine I just preferred the Gamepad. Also the game does have multiplayer but I found it in all honesty to be bland. Not all games need to have multiplayer and to me it just felt tacked on.

For Parents
This game is rated M for Mature for a reason.  This game is bloody, violent, and filled with foul language. The gore factor is very high as you dismember bad guys pretty frequently.  In all honesty I really can't see myself recommending this to anyone under 17 simply because of how the violence is.  That being said I'm an adult and I enjoyed the hell out of it (sorry kids I promise I'll make it up to ya).

The Verdict
This game comes down to what kind of gamer you are and that is the truth.  To me it is challenging and fun but can also be a frustrating pain. So I am kinda stuck here while it is a FULL PRICE for me I will give this a WAIT TILL THE PRICE DROPS, and that is because of the difficulty level other than that if you like a fast paced action game than this is a good investment.

Oh yeah and before I forget you can also play chapters that you have completed over again with either Ayane, Kasumi, or Momiji (from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for DS).  All three lovely ladies play extremely well although I find myself playing with Momiji a lot because of her weapons reach. Each lady has their own distinct style and moveset and gives a unique experience.

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