Pokemon Origins Anime Review

In honor of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y I decided to give a little review of the 4 episode Pokemon Origins anime. Enjoy.

The Good
This anime is based off of the insanely popular Pokemon series and it follows Red.  If you don't know, Red is the Pokemon trainer from the very first game in the series, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.  These four episodes basically chronicle the rivalry he has with Green and shows his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Some noticeable people show up in this anime.  For example you will see Professor Oak, Team Rocket, and also the gym leaders from that game as well.  The animation is very good and so are the voices in this animation.  The voice actor for Red is the same person who does the voice for Naruto. Before I forget I am referring to the Japanese voice actors.  I do not think that this is coming to America, I mean it would be cool if it did but its probably not. The soundtrack on it is very good as well.  They took tunes from the game and put it into the episodes and I thought that was pretty cool.  As far as the story is concerned it is action packed and the animation on those fights are very good.  The fourth episode actually has a special character in it that is actually my favorite character in the series.  All in all it isn't a bad series for a four episode OVA.

The Bad
The only thing I don't like about the series is that it feels a little rushed as they montage some of the battles.  One of the battles that they show the aftermath of is Red against each of the Legendary Pokemon.  I really would have liked to see those fights but on the flip side of that, there are only four episodes.  I know it was give and take but at the same time its just something that bothered me.

The Verdict
This is a MUST WATCH for me.  As a lover of anime and videogames it was a fun 4 episodes, which is standard for OVA's.  There isn't any bad language in it and is an homage to the very first game in the series.  If you have the chance to watch it and you are a fan of the games go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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