Project X Zone Mini Review


Project X Zone Mini Review - Nintendo 3DS

Disclaimer: Its been a while peeps. Yeah this game isn't for everybody trust me on this one.

The Game
This game is the product of three studios: Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai.  It takes characters from each of those companies franchises and mashes them together in an strategy RPG game.  First of all this game has a lot of characters and when I say a lot I mean a lot.  You may notice some right away others you may not unless you keep a close eye on anime and are a fan of Japanese gaming culture in general.  Each character is rendered in sprite form with full voice acting (Japanese with subs) and it is done beautifully.  Each of the characters are given some way over the top moves that are dished out in rapid succession.  Combat takes place on a grid and you move your character to reach the enemy and the fight then shifts to a 2D animation of your character pulling off moves that you chain together. Story wise this game makes no sense whatsoever and while normally that's a bad thing for an RPG, in this case I really don't think that it is.  In all honesty I found myself enjoying the move sets and outlandish visual animations that I got from the fights.

For Parents
This game is rated T for Teen.  I honestly didn't find to much wrong with it.  A lot of the animations in the super moves or chain combos have an anime still render that may show a little fan service but nothing gratuitous. If your child watches anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, or Dragon Ball Z than its fine.

The Verdict
In all honesty I can't really recommend this game to the general/casual audience simply because I think that this is a love letter from these studios to their fans.  If you just have to get it then my rating would be BARGIN BIN or RENTAL.   Don't get me wrong its fun, its just not for everybody especially with story being as nonsensical as it is.

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