Tales of Xillia Review

Tales of Xillia Review - Sony PS3

The Game
If you are familiar with the Tales series then you are in for a treat.  For a while it wasn't even certain that this game was coming stateside but I for one am glad that they did. The game is set up as an action RPG like other games in the series.  Fans of Tales of Symphonia will love this because they brought back the unison attacks.  In this game they are called linked artes but they are basically unison attacks. Once you link to a character a gauge on the left of the screen will begin to fill once filled when prompt comes on screen you can perform the attack.  Personally, Tales of Symphonia is my favorite Tales of game. Now in all honesty I haven't played every game in the series but I have played a lot of them and I prefer this type of RPG.  The story is your standard Tales fare, but unlike the others at the very beginning you choose between the main two characters Millia and Jude.  This adds to the replayability besides the normal Tales game + that happens when you complete the game.  The story is nicely paced and is around 60 - 80 hours which is normal for a Tales game.   Back as well is the cooking system with the added bonus that certain dishes effects last longer in battles.  In previous games cooking effects only lasted for one battle.  Now depending on the dish they may last between 3 - 7 battles.  Since it is an RPG there is a level up system for each character it is different for each Tales of game as the level up system is often in some way tied to the combat system.  This time around they use a "web" style leveling system, where experience points are spent linking different nodes on a web to gain new abilities and moves.  Each web you fully complete is represented by a flower in full bloom.  Let me say this, it does take a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it its not that bad. Another addition that they made to this game is the expansion of items and shops.  Now if you get items from enemies you can donate them to different shops that will yield discounts on certain items.  This comes in handy as newer weapons and armor become more expensive later in the game and those discounts will come in handy.   The voice acting in the game while not the best in the series (best voice acting in the series was in Tales of Vesperia in my opinion) is not the worst either.  The soundtrack is amazing and is of the quality that I have come to expect from the Tales team.  I think the graphics are just fine, I know there were some people who complained about it.  I had no problem with it as the game world is beautiful and the different areas have unique looks and designs to them.

For Parents
This game is rated T for Teen and like most games in the series its nothing too bad.  Its action oriented and most battles are against monsters.  There isn't any gore or nudity in the game.  The game's story does deal with war and it does not glorify it in any way.  It takes its cues from anime so if you allow your children to watch anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, or Bleach it should be just fine.

The Verdict
This game is a FULL PRICE hands down.  Even if you are not a fan of the Tales of gaming series its still a fun game.  It has a lot of content and length.  Also the controls are tight and responsive a good example of easy to learn yet hard to master.  The characters are also unique and interesting, not to mention the story is pretty good as well.

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