Anime Movie Review 2

Fairy Tail Movie - Priestess of the Phoenix

The Movie
Just another guild job for the Fairy Tail crew. If you have kept up with this series at all then you know how a seemingly easy guild job can go wrong. That is how the movie starts off just to remind you that you are watching a Fairy Tail movie. The animation in this movie is pretty good but its obvious that it is being handled by another animation studio. Much in the same way the Inuyasha movies were handled by a different animation studio than the regular series animators. The story itself touches on some pretty heavy themes but is not brought down by those themes as there is still a good amount of that Fairy Tail style comedy. The action, which let's be honest for a moment, is what you came to see; is done very well. Even though the villains are for the most part just generic characters there to give the heroes somebody to fight, there magic is animated well and is very entertaining to see. For those that may wish to know, this story seems to take place after the 7 year time skip but before the Grand Magic Tournament. If you are just starting to watch this anime and are still in the early episodes you may not fully understand why certain people are in the movie. Just keep watching the series you will find out.  One of the problems that I had with the movie was the villains in it. You didn't really know enough about them and why they were doing what they were doing. It just felt like they were just there for the heroes to beat at the end of the movie. This movie may be a tear jerker for some. One of the themes of the movie deals with immortality and depending on how you feel about that the waterworks may come out at the end of the movie. That being said much like the Marvel movies watch the end credits in their entirety for a nice heart warming scene at the end.

The Verdict
Since it's coming to Blu Ray on December 10 in the states, I have to say that this movie is a MUST BUY.  It has everything that a Fairy Tail fan loves and for newcomers it is a standalone story.  That being said there are a couple of scenes of nudity in it that's played up for laughs, so parents you may want to watch before letting your kids see it.

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