Call of Duty Ghosts - First Impressions

Call of Duty Ghosts - On Wii U, Xbox 360, XBOne, PS3, PS4, & PC; version played is the Wii U version.

DISCLAIMER: Being honest I have not owned a C.o.D game since Modern Warfare 2. The last one I played was Modern Warfare 3 with my nephew so my experience is going to be different from those who play every year.

First Impressions
So at first I wasn't going to pick this game up.  It has been a while since I have picked up an FPS and I wasn't sure about this one. The reason I picked it up was basically to help the Wii U out, that and the fact that I really wanted to see what Activision could do with the system. I have to say that after playing the first hour of the campaign I am impressed. The gameplay is good, the control is tight, and you have multiple control options. One thing you need to know though is that you have to play through the first level of the campaign mode to unlock the Extinction Mode. Squad mode is open from the start of the game and I am pretty sure a lot of people have already started multiplayer. Me personally I like to go through the campaign mode first before I jump into any multiplayer. Its just my personal preference. I did jump in multiplayer for a quick match yesterday and I did not notice any lag. The framerate was smooth and I didn't notice any screen tearing or glitches to speak of. I plan on jumping deeper into the multiplayer this weekend. If I do find any issues I will update this post to let everyone know.  All in all so far I am enjoying myself.  I hope to have my full review up next week. I will have a multiplayer event that will be posted in the Nintendo Wii U & 3DS Community in Google+. If you are a member look for it.  Below are a couple of gameplay vids from my play through. Enjoy.

Playthrough Part 1:

Playthrough Part 2:

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