Just a little update

What's up peeps, I hope everybody is having a good morning, afternoon, or night.  I just wanted to give a little update on some things. First of all I will have a first impressions of Sonic Lost World up sometime today along with a video walkthrough.  I am also going to be starting a video game review cast on my youtube channel soon.  Don't worry I will still do my written reviews for your reading enjoyment. Also I am going to be getting another game capture device soon as my current one only works whenever it wants to.  If you know of any good ones please leave a comment your help is greatly appreciated. Also if you haven't had a chance to please check out the Gamers At Large cast on youtube the link will be below.  We record every Sunday with video going up normally by Monday morning. If you like the show or want to guest on it, just let me know and we will do what we can to get you on there.

Gamers At Large Episode 8

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