My thoughts on the Winter Soldier & Days of Future Past

A few days ago some people asked me my opinion on two upcoming movies that are due for release next year. Here are my thoughts, enjoy.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
I have a confession to make. I have never been a real big fan of Cap, I mean I have read the Avengers and some of their crossovers but I was never a real big fan of his growing up. That being said, a few years ago a buddy of mine let me read The Winter Soldier arc and I thought it was amazing and really well written. Fast forward a few years and we have had some very good movies from Marvel Studios. While some people didn't like the first Cap movie, I enjoyed it and I thought that they did a great job on it. Chris Evans did a fantastic job as Steve Rogers in the first movie and did a great job in Avengers as well. So when I saw the first trailer for Winter Soldier I thought to myself 'that wasn't to bad'. I think Sebestian Stan looks exactly like the character from the book and I am also glad that they used Cap's uniform from Secret Avengers instead of the halloween costume they had him wearing in Avengers.  I know some people are a little worried that it will be to much CGI explosions and I do understand their fears on that one. However, it is technically the first trailer hopefully the next trailer will have a different feel to it.  If you have missed that trailer, check it out below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Being an avid X-Men reader and being a movie nerd as well I have to say that there hasn't been a faithful representation of the X-Men on film. When I watch the X-Men movies I have to watch them as movies and leave the comic fan out of it. The problem now is there have been great adaptations of comic movies out now and that has made me all the more upset at all of the X-Men movies. I know some people are going to cry foul over this but in all honesty Bryan Singer messed up the X-Men all of the movies have been Wolverine centric, not team centric, with the exception of X-Men First Class which only cast one actual mutant that was in Xavier's first class. This story is taken from the mini-series that is in the title of the film. The problem that I see with this is that they are going to cram characters that were not in the original story into this movie.  For example, Bishop was not in the original story, he was in the animated adaptation of the story that was done on the cartoon in the 90's. Judging from the trailer it still seems like its going to be Wolverine centric, which I have to say that Hugh Jackmon does a great job as Wolvie, so as long as he is busting heads and spouting off one liners I am good. With that being said I am still going to go watch this movie and I am hoping that it will be at least an okay take on Days of Future Past. I am still waiting on a faithful adaptation of the X-Men on film. Here's hoping Marvel Studios can get the rights back to it.  If you missed the trailer it is below.

~Dictated not read. The Management~

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