Sonic Lost World First Impressions

Sonic Lost World - Nintendo Wii U & 3DS

First Impressions
After spending a couple of hours with the new Sonic game a couple of things were made apparent to me.  First, this game feels like a mash up of Sonic Colors and Mario Galaxy. Second, it kind of feels like Sonic might have lost a step. Its evident from the first level that Sonic feels a little slow, Sonic's signature moves are there (the spin dash and homing attack) but to accelerate you have to hold the Zr trigger.  Simply tilting the left stick forward only puts him in a jog. Now some people may cry foul over this but in regards to the level design and gameplay it makes sense.  The levels are designed in a sort of free roaming type of way.  Levels feel big and Sonic is now able to run along side walls, up trees, etc. Sometimes the level will shift to a more 2D plane in an homage to the old Sonic Games. I find these little breaks to be fun as some of the 3D portions can take a little getting used to and its nice to have a little familiarity from time to time.  Where I am at right now in the game its not bad. However, if you are one of those people who are expecting Sonic Generations I have some bad news for you. This isn't that game. This game is completely different and when I think about it like that, its really not that bad. I also need to mention that the cutscenes are cheesy and they sound like the 4kids dub of Sonic X just with better music.  The deadly six are kind of lame but then again this is Sonic not Grand Theft Auto. In short I am enjoying myself so far and since my game capture device finally decided to work properly I have a video walkthrough with about 18 minutes of gameplay from the game.  Full review will be up hopefully in the next week or two, hopefully.

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