The end of Battle of the Atom...Oh boy

X-Men Event: Battle of the Atom Parts 1 -10

The Good
As an X-Man fan it was nice to see Marvel's merry mutants get an event of there very own.  The story centers around the original first class of X-Men being in the present day. As you can expect this event is heavy on the time travel and while at first it made the story confusing I actually started to understand it toward the middle of the event. This story presents a large cast of X-Men and their future/past/present counterparts. Its that interaction that I find most enjoyable as the future teams don't want to tell the past/present teams what has happened to them. Some of the characters have extreme upgrades done to them and part of the fun is not knowing what happened and their younger selves wanting to know what happened to them.

The Bad
Marvel can we please move past this whole Wolverine/Cyclops rivalry or at the very least even it up.  I am kind of tired of seeing Cyclops go to the Jean Grey school and basically treating Wolverine as if he is incompetent.  In the tie-in for A Vs X, Wolverine and Cyke came to an understanding.  Cyke will do his thing from the shadows and Wolvy would be in the forefront.  This took place in A Vs X Consequences.  Now it seems that every writer is content to make it seem as if Cyclops should not be held responsible for what he did.  Also this event suffers from to many writers.  One of the things that is making Infinity such a good event is the fact that it has one writer and artist for all six issues.  This event however, has three writers and a host of artists so sometimes the stories do not feel as fluid as they should.  Also the ending of this event really pissed me off. During the climatic battle an assertion was made to be Wolverine and Cyclops that their rivalry is what winds up dooming the mutant race. At the end of the book they just gloss completely over that and go back to the status quo.  Look Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, and Brian Wood. Please keep these teams apart from each other for a while.  At very least do something that forces Wolverine and Cyclops to grow up and stop acting like immature brats still fighting over a woman that's not even around anymore. Yeah it gets referenced for the millionth time in the last book.

The Verdict
I really wanted to like this event but compared to Infinity this sucks.  I am a way bigger X-Men fan than I am an Avengers fan but I have to be truthful and this event just wasn't that good. Supposedly this story sets up what will be happening in the X-Men part of the Marvel U for next year. Hopefully the stories they come up with are better than this one.
Final Verdict: BORROW IT

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