Thor The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

The Good
The movie is action packed. It starts off with a background about what the dark world is and gives a little background on the main villain Malekeith the Dark Elf. You also get to see what Jane has been up to after the first Thor movie. The movie itself feels bigger in scope then the first one. They show a little more of Asgard as well as a couple of the other realms. Most of the cast from the first movie returns and they do reference the Avengers movie a couple of times which isn't to bad. The actors all do a great job in there respective roles in my opinion. Which brings me to Loki. Tom Hiddleston is awesome in this movie. Chris Hemsworth is good but the movie is at its best when they are on screen together. Like all of the Marvel movies, this movie mixes action and comedy well. It doesn't have as much slapstick comedy as the first one does but some characters have some good one liners. The film's villains are kind of weak but they serve there purpose for the story. The way the movie ends it is possible that they are setting things up for a third Thor movie. There is a stinger in the movie that seems to be setting up something for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The Bad
NOT ENOUGHT LOKI. NOT ENOUGH SIF AND THE WARRIORS THREE. Seriously, its just not enough of them in the movie. I know its a Thor movie but they are an important part of the stories. They had way more screen time in the first movie and in all honesty I missed Sif and the boys for most of the movie. The parts that they were in I thought they were good, they just weren't in it enough. My other issue is with the villains the Dark Elves just weren't that threatening to me. Its kind of sad and not fair to ask anybody to try and stack up to Loki. When I think about it like that Christopher Eccelston kind of didn't have a chance. Also I think that they weren't written that well which is also sad.

The Verdict
I have to give this a FULL PRICE. Even with the flaws it is a fun movie. Also if you have the chance to watch this in D-Box do it, trust me it is worth the price.

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