Why I am so loved

I was recently asked by a good buddy of mine a few questions about making friends online and do I have any guidelines that I follow in regard to giving out of my information. To be honest I am just friendly by nature and I always have been. When it comes to meeting people online my feelings are as long as they are respectful of me I don't see why I can't do the same. I'm not confrontational because everyone has their own opinions and paths to take in life. To me life is a journey and not everyone's path will be the same. That doesn't make me better than anyone else and that doesn't make anyone better than me. Saying that I have found that I do have one major guideline and that has to do in regards to children. I don't friend/circle them. I have had to block a few that kept trying to contact me and my reason for that is I don't know them and I am an adult. Other than that I don't really have any guidelines per se. The only information I have online is my email address and IM, I also don't mind talking to people. I find that it helps with my general shyness. I think that I have made some really good friends online and would love to meet them in real life but most of us stay in different timezones or parts of the world and unfortunately for me my financial portfolio at this point in time will not allow for extensive travel. Maybe one of these days when I find me a "sugar momma" to marry I will be able to do that. Until then there is Google + and hangouts which work just fine for me.

Thanks to +Kris Ten for asking me to share my thoughts. If you have a chance you should really check her out. She's a truly awesome individual. Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself this week.

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