First Impressions

Bravely Default Demo - Nintendo 3DS; Full release on 02/07/14

First Impressions

The game is a turn-based RPG that is finally going to be released in North America next month. It looks like Square Enix is getting back to basics as the game reminds me of some of their classic RPG's from the 90's. The artwork does take a little getting used to as the characters are super deformed. It didn't bother me to much but I know for some people this may be a little much, however I personally think that the artstyle goes well with the environment as well as the overall design. The demo itself takes place in one city and is a side story to the main game. In the city you can take up to seven quests and set up an assortment of jobs (the full list of jobs will be available on release) that define your character stats and actually changes how your character looks. Please don't do what I did and forget to setup the jobs for your different characters before going in to the field. Also in the demo are three dungeons; one to the north, one to the west, and one to the south. In the town there are shops that sells the regular type RPG merchandise and an Inn where you can rest and get your HP and MP gauges full. Also in the town is where you will be given the quests from the NPCs. You can find them by looking at the touchscreen and going to where the exclamation point is, once there the character will tell you what they need done. You can go to the dungeon or roam the field, monsters appear randomly so if you need to level or get experience just run around and you will run into something.

This game boasts a new fight system called, ironically, the Bravely Default system. When you choose default it basically lets you block and builds your BP. Choosing default also causes you to skip a turn. Choosing Bravely after you build up your BP actually allows that character to have an extra turn. I love this system as it enabled me to set up and defeat enemies with ease. I am interested to see how this system is going to work against boss monsters or in boss fights in general. Once you use the system its pretty easy to learn all that comes next is to strategize. One other thing that I like about the demo is that when the game is in sleep mode or you are in a town and haven't moved your character the screen zooms out so that you can see the entire town. Its not much but yeah I thought it was cool.

Lastly, and this comes from the Nintendo Direct held last month that some of the items that you get in the demo will be transferable when you get the full game. Your levels WILL NOT be transferred over. That kinda sucks but I do understand why that wouldn't be allowed. The demo is free so there really is no reason not to download even if you aren't interested in the game. I am getting this one just because I am fan of JRPGs and I have to say that I am really looking forward to this one. So SquareEnix it would be really nice if you bring DragonQuest X for the Wii U to North America. Just thought I would throw that out there.

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