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So as you may know by now I am a fan of Anime and many of the different genres that are contained within that part of the entertainment community. I have noticed though in the past few years that there have been a few anime that based in the realm of VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massive Mulitplayer Online) type games. You may have seen a couple of these shows. One of the more famous is Sword Art Online, one of my personal favorites actually. I have recently started watching Log Horizon, which also deals with the plight of being stuck in an VRMMO. Now the reason why I have brought both of those up is this, is Japan trying to tell us something. I mean a lot of people are talking about the Oculus Rift and virtual reality gaming being the next big thing. As a gamer I am looking forward to seeing what it is all about but now I am going to have to be more cautious. I mean the last thing I would want is to get stuck in Tetris or with my luck I'd get stuck in Lollipop Chainsaw or Madden. Now I may realize that some people may think that it would be cool to be inside of a "deep dive" game but what if you can't get out. That's what those anime propose and while entertaining to say the least I don't think it would be cool after the first six months of being trapped. Now if you are trapped in an RPG like one of the Tales games that could work because at least in that game you get to cook and eat. Then there is the issue of getting trapped in a game that you really don't like that much. For me that would be something like Mario Party or Brain Age. Yeah that would be a nightmare for me and I'm pretty sure that everyone has their own game they would not want to get trapped in.

Now they are a few games I wouldn't mind getting trapped. I have already mentioned the Tales series, and since I am an avid Zelda fan I wouldn't mind getting trapped in Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess (note to self work on horseback riding). As long as the game is an fantasy action/adventure or RPG I can see myself surviving and more than likely enjoying myself. Not so much in a game like Resident Evil as those games have, in my opinion, have gone down in quality over the past few years.  So in conclusion if by some chance VRMMOs become popular in the future and some megalomaniac decides to make it where people who are logged in can't logout, DO NOT UNPLUG ME!!!!

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