The Legend of Hercules a.k.a Twilight Lovers rejoice

The Legend of Hercules Review

The Movie
Now if you go by the title of this review you may think I hate this movie. The truth is I despise it, but only for what they do in the movie. I love greek mythology, and one of my favorite stories in the mythos is that of Heracles (Hercules is what the Romans came up with). If you have read or know anything about the mythos, throw it out of the window because the writers pretty much said screw you to that story. One of my main problems with this movie is that it tries to be to many things. They take visuals, fight sequences, and cinematography from 300, Gladiator, Troy, Spartacus, and yes Twilight. Shake that up with some truly awful dialogue and you have this movie in a nutshell. I mean they try to craft something that is their own but they are taking to many cues from other movies that are just plain better. This movie is rated PG-13 and therein lies another problem. A sword and sandal movie needs to be rated R and that's the truth. To many times in this movie they would do something where you know that the person is stabbed and slashed and there is no blood whatsoever. This is an issue for me because of the other movies they are copying. That brings me to the dialogue which is atrocious, I am sorry but unless you are a villain in this movie your dialogue sucks. Now that I say that the villains aren't that great either except for the main villain. Another thing is the CG, the CG is pretty bad in the movie and is noticeable if you are watching in 3D. The last thing that I had a problem with was the use of slow motion during the fight scenes. Sometimes they would slow down at the wrong time which would basically throw off the flow of the sequence. The editing in these sequences are horrible, so it kinda feels like you're missing something in the scene.

Despite my problems with the movie, there were some good things. The fight choreography is actually well done the only problem is the kill shots. The main villain in the film actually is one of the best things about it, Scott Adkins does a great job as the tyrant king Amphitrion. Liam McIntyre does a good job in the film as well but he is hampered by the dialogue. If you are watching in 3D, the 3D is actually pretty good. It surprised me and I kind of feel bad that it was used on this movie. The soundtrack isn't that bad, especially during fight sequences. For the ladies there is a lot of fan service for you.

The Verdict
Despite how much I hate this movie, its not the worst movie I have ever seen. That being said for me it is kind of bad especially if you know the mythology and you have seen and are fans of the aforementioned movies that they are ripping. So this movie will get a RENTAL from me.

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