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YouTube Channel and content

I was asked a few days ago about how I feel about youtube and the gaming community there. So I thought now would be a good time to describe what it is I plan to do on my channel and let people know what type of content they can expect on it.

The Channel
The channel is titled Game Cafe. For the most part there will be game reviews from across different systems. I am a gamer and I own a lot of different consoles and game on each of them. My gaming library is adequate for me and I like it, I will be doing first impressions of games as well. I have a few episodes under my belt so far and my goal is to get better every week. I will have guests on every week as well to discuss whatever it is we'll be talking about. I try to keep episodes under 30 minutes and I also have a soundcloud account setup so that people can listen there as well. All of this as well as my gamer information can be found in the 'About' section of the channel. If you would like to contact me the best way is to…

The Lego Movie a.K.a Everything is Awesome

DISCLAIMER: Just to let you know right now, 'Everything is Awesome' will be stuck in your head on continuous loop once you leave the theater. Just so you know.

The Movie
So its been a pretty rough week at work and in my personal life. I was very much in need of a laugh so I did what any self respecting single nerd/geek would do; that's right I caught a kids movie (don't judge me, I got enough weird looks from the box office people). In a time where a lot of movies are either super hero/comic book movies or remakes of 80s classics, it was nice to see something that was original. The look of the film is genius. Everything is Legos the locations are mostly Lego sets, they even have Lego fire blocks, water blocks, sand blocks, smoke blocks etc. It reminds me a lot of stop motion animation and when done like this its awesome. The story is very charming and heart-warming and has a ton of cameos. Some of the voices you don't catch at first but as the movie goes on you reali…

RoboCop 2014 a.K.a Why Hollywood, why?

DISCLAIMER: Do Not I repeat DO NOT watch the original before watching this movie. Do not I repeat DO NOT read the Frank Miller comic before watching this movie. Please enjoy the review.

The Movie
Let me start off by saying I don't hate this movie. Disappointed, yes, but I don't hate it I just think that it could have been done better. Also you can't really say that 'you can't judge it based on the original' yes you can. There are a couple of scenes that are taken from the first two movies and are placed in this one. This wouldn't be a problem but the scenes felt like they were thrown in just to be there. Another problem that I had is with the story, which revolves around a detective named Alex Murphy who is trying to bring down a drug kingpin. First, let me say this, I have read both the original Marvel comic and the new BOOM Studios comic as well as watched the original movies. That being said everything was always connected back to OCP, and those stories ma…

First Impressions - UnEpic

First Impressions

UnEpic - on Nintendo Wii U (eShop) and Steam

This game is pretty interesting, at first I wasn't really sure if it was something that I would particularly enjoy. One day I was roaming through the eShop and I saw the launch trailer for it and decided why not. The game's story intro is actually pretty funny and I don't want to spoil it for you but if you are a fan of dungeon's and dragons the role playing fantasy board game you'll get it. The game has four difficulty modes from the get go: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Hard ++. The gameplay is setup like an hack-n-slash and action-rpg hybrid. The main character has to clear rooms and floors by killing creatures and lighting torches so that you can see everything on screen. It reminds me a lot of the old NES/SNES era Castlevania and Metroid games in that way. As you go through the levels you find equipment, magic, armor, etc. You also meet characters and that actually adds to the charm of the game. One of the…

Movie Reviews - Justice League War

Justice League War

The Movie
The newest animated feature in DC's lineup, this film is adapted from the New 52 retelling of the Justice League comics first arc. I am a comic book fan and I have collected the first 15 issues of the New 52 Justice League stories and they really aren't that bad. I also recommend reading the graphic novel, Origin, if you have the chance. A little background for the unfamiliar. This story basically starts with the heroes having never met each other and the world pretty much afraid or mad at them. The movie does make a few departures from the original arc. One of the departures is in the lineup. In the original comic Aquaman was a part of the League not Shazam. There is a little Marvel type stinger in the credits that is setting the stage for Aquaman to show up, hopefully they go forward with it because that story was pretty good in the comic as well. Now this movie is action packed and I know some people may have a problem with it but in all honesty t…