Movie Reviews - Justice League War

Justice League War

The Movie
The newest animated feature in DC's lineup, this film is adapted from the New 52 retelling of the Justice League comics first arc. I am a comic book fan and I have collected the first 15 issues of the New 52 Justice League stories and they really aren't that bad. I also recommend reading the graphic novel, Origin, if you have the chance. A little background for the unfamiliar. This story basically starts with the heroes having never met each other and the world pretty much afraid or mad at them. The movie does make a few departures from the original arc. One of the departures is in the lineup. In the original comic Aquaman was a part of the League not Shazam. There is a little Marvel type stinger in the credits that is setting the stage for Aquaman to show up, hopefully they go forward with it because that story was pretty good in the comic as well. Now this movie is action packed and I know some people may have a problem with it but in all honesty that is how the first arc went. The heroes didn't know each other so you're not going to get a whole lot of back story. I don't have a problem with it but the way its handled I believe that it is just fine. Here is the kicker, a lot of people are used to the old Justice League voice cast, i.e. Kevin Conrad (Batman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman), Tim Daly (Superman), Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash) etc. Well they aren't in this movie. I didn't mind the voice actor's that much its just that you get used to certain voices of characters after years of hearing them and that's who you recognize you know. The art style reminds of the Young Justice cartoon, some of the animation has the place and time in a couple of the scenes. I always did like that art style and I think its done well in this movie. The costumes are different from what people know as they are using the New 52 costumes. I actually prefer the new costumes as I feel that they are finally getting updated. Wonder Woman is the only character that has a completely different costume from what she is wearing in the comic and I have to say that I liked it. The pacing of the film was good and I liked the score as well. There are also some extras on the blu-ray/dvd. My personal favorite is a sneak peek for the Son of Batman movie which is the next one that they are releasing. The also have the usual behind the scenes and talks with the creators. They also have a couple of episodes from the WB vault for your enjoyment.

For Parents
The movie is rated PG-13. There is some language used in it and I would say nothing worse than say Avengers or any other live action super hero movie. They do show Wonder Woman cleaving parademons (main bad guy's troops) in two sometimes three pieces. So I don't really know if you would want your young children to watch the movie. I would watch it first and then make a decision.

The Verdict
As a comic fan and fan of movies I would have to say this is a Full Price for me.  Especially with the stinger that they put in the credits I am looking forward to seeing how they do on the next Justice League animated film.

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